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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Deputy Head of Student Services and Elementary Principal, Michael Schooler

Student-Led Conferences

A student-led conference is a forum near the end of the year where students present their portfolios to their parents, talk about their accomplishments, celebrate their growth, and review and reflect on their goals set in October. Students assume responsibility for all components of their conference -- planning, conducting, and evaluating. The child is truly the “star” in the process. The role of the parent is to be present, encouraging, and to ask probing questions. The teacher will be in the room as supportive observer.

To sign up for the conference please use this link:

Student-Led Conferences:

  • Tuesday, May 23 (4:00-7:00pm) Students go home at 11:30am
  • Wednesday, May 24 (3:00-5:00pm) Students go home at 2:00pm

EC Student-Led Conferences:

  • Tuesday, May 23 (2:00-5:00pm)
  • Wednesday, May 24 (3:00-4:00pm)

Additional Information:

  • Classroom Teachers have 25 minute conferences, with 5 minute transitions
  • Classroom Teachers time slots will accommodate 3 students
  • Specialist Teachers have 15 minute conferences, with 5 minute transitions
  • French, Music, and Art will be in their classrooms
  • PE and Ethiopian Studies location to be announced
  • Specialist Teachers time slots will accommodate 3 students
  • Pick-a-time opens for ICS Parents on May 12th
  • Pick-a-time will remain open until May 24th
  • EC’s Little Eagle Camp cancelled both days during SLC

We will provide child care for siblings to help families better focus on the conference.

Location: Elementary Covered Area between first grade and second grade.

  • Some of our outstanding lunch monitors will be providing child care.

We recognize that some parents may want a one-on-one teacher conference.  This is not the time for such a conference.  Each classroom teacher will have a sign-up sheet in their room that if a parent feels the need for such a conference then please ask the teacher and sign up.