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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Michael Schooler, Deputy Head Of School, Student Services 

Dear ICS Elementary Families,

A BIG thank you goes out to the ICS Community for the excellent Elementary School Halloween party last Friday. Over 400 kids attended, dressed up, went trick or treating, visited the haunted house and danced on stage! A truly great event for our ES students. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the help and support of the ICS Community.

A BIG thanks and shout out to:

  • All the parents, for the generous donation of candy (and we had lots of it!)
  • All the parent volunteers for decorating; specifically, Anka, Sima, Savitri, Maha, Adriana, Sylvia, Dorothy, Arifa, Erin, Julie and Ted.
  • ICS staff and teachers who helped with decorations; in particular thanks to Mr. John Gaston, Mr. Michael Schooler, Ms. Susan Ballantyne, Ms. Abenet Asnake, Ms. Helen Iglar, Ms. Colleen Wilson, M.s Rianne Anderson, Mr. Bill Graham, Ms. Marcelle Ridder, Ms. Etsegenet Taffesse and Ms. Rodas Yemarshet.
  • The lunch monitors: Yoseph, Rekik, Abenet, and Yalemwork.
  • The Boy Scouts and Webelos and the Scout masters, Mr. Tom and Mr. Dave for all their work in the haunted house.
  • The students - in art classes who worked on the beautiful decorations which created the atmosphere
  • All the other students who volunteered in the haunted house.
  • Sonia Meyer and the Booster Club and Sisay Zewde and the Scholarship students for the food and drinks
  • And big thanks especially to Senay Kassaey and the setup crew and Daniel Abebe for the sound system who were extremely efficient and gracious

It was truly a community event with parents, teachers, students and administration collaborating. We look forward to more of these!



Student Action and Service

One of the key principals of an IB school is that we support student action and service. What is student action exactly?  

Using inquiry as the primary mode of instruction in the classroom will generate student action. Student action is taking the learning further, going deeper, connecting the learning to something else, or simply asking more questions about the learning - but all done by the student on their own.  Student action is student initiated and furthers the learning. 

Sometimes the action stops after one or two steps but in a few cases, it leads to service.  Service in the IB is something students do to “make the world a better place.”  We have numerous examples of this happening around the campus.  On 3 December ICS staff will lead multiple educational workshops for our neighborhood government school, Mekdela. 

We also have an example of action/service from our local ICS Girl Scout Troup. Here is a note about their action/service, we would appreciate your support. 

Do you have overflowing bookshelves, or books your children no longer read? Be courageous and dare to share! The Brownies Girl Scouts troop is happy to help you recycle your books. The girls, as responsible global citizens, care about Ethiopian children without enough books to read, and are asking for your donations to their book drive in support of local Ethiopian schools. Please bring your gently used children’s books, in English and Amharic, to the marked boxes at central public areas throughout the school for collection and distribution. This book drive will be open for donation until school is out for Winter Break on 16 December.  Your donations are appreciated!


Walk/Run Fundraising Event

ICS Parents can also take action as well. We have the Ethiopian Dilapidates Association walk/run fundraising event on 19 November.  

ICS Learners, students, teachers, TAs, staff, and parents get involved and make the world a better place.  Please encourage your child to take action and see where it leads.