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Elementary School News

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Elementary School Principal, Michael Schooler

We’ve had a terrific start to the school year!  ICS elementary has grown by 12% this year. With growth comes a richer and more diverse student population that only adds to our already rich community.  Growth also brings challenges; and one of the biggest places we are seeing that is in the after school pick-up process.  We will soon be rolling out some modifications to our elementary after school pick up process.  In the meantime please make sure when you pick up your child that you check in with the teacher and/or TA and if possible clear the hallways and basketball court area to help elevate the congestion. 

Reminder: After school pick up

A reminder to all parents that After School Activities (ASAs) have started and please make sure students are picked up promptly after their ASAs.  Pick up for ASAs are over by the elementary office and late pick up is in Room C-017, just down from the elementary office. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. 

Mother Tongue, Primary Language Program and Special Visitors

Also starting this week are our Mother Tongue groups.  We have over twenty parent and community facilitators working with students to help sustain their primary language. Thank you to our elementary French department for organizing and facilitating this excellent program. 

ICS is offering other Primary Language supports as well. We started a program last fall where we set up an ICS language tutor in your child’s primary language. This program is a fee based program (not included in the Tuition and Fees). An email has been sent to parents of KG – grade 12 on 31 August and if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact the elementary office.

We have a very busy September ahead. Along with Ethiopian New Year, Eid and Meskel celebrations this month and we also have some educational consultants coming to campus to further develop our instructional program and ability to meet all students’ needs. We have Erma Anderson coming to work with teachers in the latest and best practices of math instruction and we are also very excited about Ben Shifrin. Ben is a recognized expert in dyslexia and will be assisting our Student Support Team in a deeper and better understanding of working with students with dyslexia.  Both consultants will have parent informational meetings. 

The Learner Profile Trait for the month of September is: Courageous! 

ICS Learners are willing to take risk and try new things in order to further their own learning and support the learning of others.  Help your child be Courageous by modeling trying new things or by talking about a time you learned from a mistake or failure. 

Elementary School Music Department

Meskel Play, 23 September 2016: Each year our grade 3 students at ICS perform a play to celebrate the Ethiopian Holiday called Meskel. The story of Meskel is about Empress Eleni and her quest to find the true cross of Jesus Christ. All interested grade 3 students are invited to participate in the play. Letters detailing rehearsal times as well as information on how to sign up will be sent home with all grade 3 students. If you have any questions, please contact our ES music teacher Ms. Janine Plunkett