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ELC in Action

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On Monday 20 February 2017, twelve Elementary Leadership Council (ELC) students were able to help support ICS’s sister school Mekdela. The 12 students, ranging from 4th and 5th grade are composed of young leaders who support ICS in various ways that include: beautifying the campus, supporting assemblies and ICS events, helping students feel safe and supported while at recess, and creating ACTION projects that help out various schools and/or local organizations in need.

This particular Monday, allowed the ELC students to hand deliver various books and school supplies to 20 students at Mekdela who were in need of extra support. Our ICS ELC students raised 4000 Birr from 1 bake sale that took place 3 weeks prior to the actual ACTION project. At the bake sale, the ELC students were able to create baked goods from home and sale them in our ICS community after school to gain funds to help the students out at Mekdela. In addition to the bake sale, the students of Mekdela introduced our ELC students to a couple of team building games they often play at their school while our ICS students introduced the game of Dodgeball to the Mekdela students.

All in all, it was several great weeks that lead up to a GREAT day of ACTION for the 12 ELC students. The ELC students were able to take their natural leadership skills and support students through the hard work and determination. There will be another set of 12 ELC students who will start supporting our school and others beginning March 27, 2017.

By: John Gaston - Elementary Counselor