Scholarship Program

ICS provides a merit scholarship for local Ethiopian students only, entering grade 9. The merit scholarship is need blind and based on merit.

ICS Scholarship Program 

Since its beginning, at the core of ICS, there has been a commitment to social responsibility and giving back to our Ethiopian community.  That’s why since 1964, ICS has had an ambitious and robust local merit scholarship program, inviting high academic aptitude and high achieving Ethiopian students to attend ICS. Early on, ICS provided yearly full-tuition scholarships to qualified students across all grade levels for the length of their time at ICS. 

Through the years we have seen over 200 scholarship students pass through ICS doors and onto successful higher education and career opportunities.

While our program has evolved over the last 50 years, our philosophy and commitment to provide educational opportunities to our local community has not.

Scholarship Program TODAY

ICS Addis grants four scholarships a year to high achieving 9th grade students from schools throughout Addis Ababa. Each scholarship covers full-tuition for four years, enrolling each scholarship recipient into ICS throughout high school. The scholarships are totally need-blind and based on merit.

The selection process begins with applications from the top students from public and private schools around the city. Applicants must be nominated by their school and cannot apply independently. Applicants then take a three-hour exam in in English, mathematics, and cognitive ability.

Each year, we have 16 scholarship students in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. Our scholarship students have always demonstrated a high level of participation and service to the school and community. ICS has been successful in facilitating internships with national and multinational institutions in the sectors of health, aviation and finance.