ICS Board of Governors

Board Appointments

The current Board consists of nine members. Six members are appointed by the Board, two members are elected by the ICS Association, and one is appointed by the US Ambassador. Some of our members are concluding their terms of service this year, and we are inviting and encouraging interested people from, or known to, the school community to join the Board.

We are looking for candidates with a range of experience and capabilities. To enhance the skills of our current group, we are especially interested in people with experience or expertise in:

  • Project management, general contracting, architectural design, civil engineering
  • Governance, strategic planning, management
  • International schools (as a parent, alum or former employee), and their unique opportunities and complexities

You can join the ICS Board of Governors by either being elected by the Association, or by being appointed by the Board through a nomination and thorough selection process.


  • To run for the elected positions, individuals must either be a current ICS parent/guardian and member of the ICS Association, excluding faculty or staff or partners of faculty or staff.
  • To apply for a Board appointed position an individual must be an ICS Association member and self-nominate, or be nominated by a current member of the ICS Association.

Nominations for Board Appointed Positions:

ICS Association members can self-nominate or may nominate up to two candidates. For full details and the application documents, please refer to the Board Appointed Candidate Packet HERE. Nominations for appointed members are due by 19 April 2019. Please email your nominations to: board@icsaddis.org

The Board will then select and vote on nominated candidates by 31 May 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the Board at: board@icsaddis.org

Thanks for your continued support,

Your Board of Governors