Call for New Board Members

Dear Association Members,

The ICS Board of Governors is comprised of up to nine volunteers. Six members are appointed by the Board, two members are elected by the ICS Association, and one is appointed by the US Ambassador. There are currently seven members of the Board, following the resignation of two of our members earlier this school year due to personal circumstances.

Board Responsibilities:

The Board is responsible for aligning the values and priorities of our community with our mission, vision, and strategic goals, and for the stewardship of ICS’s resources.

As a Board we collectively develop governance policies; approve operating and capital budgets, and ensure oversight of financial operations and capital assets. We also evaluate and approve tuition and capital fees. This is done in order to ensure the school is adequately and sustainably funded to accomplish its goals. The Board hires, supports, and evaluates the performance of its sole employee - the Head of School.

For more information about the Board of Governors, who we are and what we do, please see HERE.

Board Reappointment announcement:

Following the Reappointment Process, the Board voted to approve the re-appointment from July 2020 of two members who were due to finish their one year term of office at the end of June.

  1. Our Vice Chair, Leah Bryant, who was originally elected to her position by the ICS Association for a one year term has agreed to continue to serve for two further years. Leah’s elected ‘position’ now becomes vacant.
  2. Chris Nyce, who was appointed by the Board, has agreed to serve a further year.

The Board is grateful for the resulting continuity of service and the retention of their skills and experience in our team.


Call for two new Board members:

  1. The Board member position that is elected by the ICS Association now needs to be filled, and so we will begin the election process for this.
  2. The Board has also voted to recruit one more member for appointment by the Board, to bring our total number back up to nine members.

Therefore we are inviting interested people known to the school community and especially Addis residents to apply for either election to the Board or for nomination and appointment to the Board.

Election and Appointment processes:

These will run in parallel this year. Interested candidates must verify their eligibility for a position (HERE) and then choose whether to apply for the appointed position or the elected position.

  1. Applicants for the elected position MUST refer to the new Election Process HERE and be available for a panel discussion on March 23/24 prior to the conclusion of voting at the AGM on Monday 6th April.


  1. Applicants for the appointed position MUST refer to the Board Appointed Candidate Packet HERE and be available for interview March 23-29 prior to Board vote and appointment by Sunday 5th April.

Selection Taskforce for Board Appointments:

A Selection Taskforce will assist in evaluating all nominated candidates for Board appointed positions.  The Selection Taskforce consists of up to two parents and two faculty members along with some members of the Board Governance Committee. The parents and faculty members must have been at ICS since the start of this school year and cannot be an immediate family member of a candidate, nor have nominated a candidate. Selection Taskforce members must be available for interviews and evaluations between March 23-29, 2020.

Deadline for Selection Taskforce volunteers:

Submit a letter of interest in participating to by Sunday 23rd February 2020.


Deadline for elected / appointed Board position applicants:

Submit an application for either position to by Sunday 8th March 2020.


If you have any questions after reviewing the process and packet details please email the Board.

Thanks for your continued support,

Your Board of Governors