ICS Board of Governors


The Board of Governors is the body that governs the International Community School of Addis Ababa on behalf of the ICS Association (whose members are parents, professional staff and teaching assistants). All members of the Board have a responsibility and obligation to represent the best interests of students, parents and staff in setting the strategic objectives of the school in conjunction with the Head of School.  

In supporting the mission and objectives of ICS, the Board provides strategic support in addition to governance oversight of the school performance.  The operation and administration of the school are led by the Head of School and the school’s executive leadership team.

The Board has the following responsibilities as outlined in the ICS Statutes and Bylaws:

  • To contribute to the development of the school’s strategy, to approve the strategic plans and the corresponding financial plans that support the school’s objectives, to monitor and ensure their implementation
  • To manage the relationship between the School and the Parents Association by implementing policies that cover: governance, finance, assets, risk management, admissions, educational program, personnel, students and community
  • To monitor and evaluate the Head of School’s performance
  • To ensure the school is adequately financed to accomplish its goals and objectives


  • Proposed 2019 Bylaws, HERE
  • Proposed 2019 Statutes, HERE
  • Nov AGM Financial Report, HERE


  • ICS Policy Document HERE
  • ICS Statutes & Bylaws HERE
  • 2019-20 Board Member Profile HERE

If you have any questions or concerns for the Board, please email board@icsaddis.org. This email is managed by the Board Chair.

Association General Meetings

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Board Organization

The board governs as a group and by majority vote.  Board members do not have individual authority to act or take decisions on matters that are the responsibility of the Board; it is the Board as a collective whole that must exercise its authority and responsibility to govern and take decisions.

The Board has a leadership team:

  • Board Chair: Patrick Scott
  • Vice Chair: 
  • Treasurer: Michael Zink
  • Secretary: 

To assist in managing its workload the Board has formed Committees specializing in specific areas. These committees work in detail on specific projects or policies and then develop proposals and recommendations that are presented to the whole Board for approval. 

There are two standing committees:

  1. Finance Committee | Led by the Treasurer: Works currently with the school’s finance team on financial management and oversight from operational budgets to 10-year planning to audit readiness and risk management.
  2. Governance Committee | Led by the Secretary: Works currently on governance and policy, develops the Head of School's evaluation process, manages the ICS Association elections and the Board Nomination and Appointment Process.

Task Forces: what they are and how they are used

When a committee determines it would benefit from additional help or stakeholder input on a matter, they may decide to create a task force. This task force is used to accomplish a defined short-term project, and the committee may invite Association, or community members to participate. External advisors or consultants may also be engaged. The committees consider interest, experience and skills when selecting volunteers.

If you are interested in joining a future task force, please send an email to board@icsaddis.org, and explain what you would be interested in supporting. Potential task forces may cover any area of Board responsibility, and there will be different levels of confidentiality, intensity and duration of work, depending on the subject matter. The board will approve the selection of task force volunteers.

The work output from a task force is then reviewed by the full Committee. Recommendations or proposals that result will be presented by the Committee to the Board and voted on accordingly by the whole Board. 

Feedback and Grievance Process

Parents who have feedback or concerns about their child’s education must speak to the teacher first who must be given an opportunity to respond and provide a resolution. If this does not resolve the matter, then the next step is to contact the school principal. If you remain dissatisfied with the response from the school principal, then the final executive to address your issue is the Head of School.

Parents who have concerns about the operations or administration of the school should write, speak to or make an appointment with a school principal, the deputy Head of School, Executive Director of Strategic Programs or the Head of School.

If, after the sequence above, you remain dissatisfied with the final response, the concern can be brought to the Board.

Parents who have any feedback or concerns in relation to the Board itself should email the Board Chair (board@icsaddis.org) who may then work with Board colleagues as required to address the issue.