Our History

In 1964 when Emperor Haile Selassie I donated our 15 acres of land to a small school, he did it intentionally with the express purpose to support the international and diplomatic community as well as to stimulate growth here in Addis Ababa and throughout Ethiopia. He had a vision to establish Addis Ababa as the diplomatic capital of Africa.  

So from the very beginning, ICS with its foundation with the US Embassy and formerly the American Community School, the school was established to support diplomacy not only in Ethiopia but throughout Africa and to contribute to the development of Ethiopia.  ICS has been and continues to be connected to the growth and prosperity of Ethiopia.

Move forward some 50+ years and ICS is still thriving on the original 15 acres of land and Addis Ababa has become the 3rd largest diplomatic center in the world, behind New York City and Geneva, with many embassies and missions.  Addis is also home to the African Union, UNDP's Regional Service Centre for Africa, and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the Africa- European Union Partnership.

ICS continues to support the international and diplomatic communities and is a part of Addis Ababa history.  And we are here to stay. Our student body currently represents over 60 different nationalities and cultures bringing together a diverse and rich community.  

Our vision ensures that we continue to partner with, learn from and contribute to Ethiopia, to Africa and our world.