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Constructions on Campus and Security News

Thursday, June 9, 2016

George Zickefoose, DHoS for Operations

New Water Tank Construction - Summer 2016

Purpose: Support the new classroom block’s (NCB) water and fire suppression requirements, as well as set the school up for better water storage and distribution for future projects. Currently we have very limited water storage capacity for the campus, and this project will be a big improvement. This is part of the NCB construction project.

Timeline: 10 June 2016 – approximately 1 August 2016)

Location: Community Commons and ½ of the main parking lot (see map)

Construction Company: Elmi Olindo & Co.

As a result, please note:

The construction boundary line for the new water tank construction fencing is attached. The fields and KG playground will be accessible during the summer through limited routes.

The toilets by the track will be closed for the first four days after school on Friday (10 June) until Tuesday (14 June 2016) as sewer lines are diverted.

There will be no water throughout the compound for two days (Saturday and Sunday, 11–12 June 2016) as water lines are diverted.

From Thursday 9 June 2016 to Tuesday 14 June 2016, we will be digging a trench for the new sewer line along the driveway west of the cafeteria. This work will restrict/hinder vehicular access to the cafeteria loading area.

One section of the parking lot (indicated within the attached fence line) will need to be free of vehicles by the end of the day on Friday (10 June 2016) for the contractor to start fencing on Saturday 11 June.

The Community Commons will be dismantled beginning on Saturday 11 June 2016. It will be rebuilt, and we are working on a more spacious design that will accommodate our needs even more than the current facility.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation with this construction project that will commence this week – 9 June onwards.

Sports Pavilion – Summer 2016 through 31 January 2017

Purpose: Meet the PE curriculum space and after school space needs of our school now and during the interim time period between the completion of the NCB and the completion of Module Two of the Master Plan. During our dialogue with teachers, students and parents in the Fall of 2015, the critical need for better PE and sports spaces became apparent. The Board of Governors, working with the administration, identified an intermediate step in the next construction phase that will meet that need quickly and effectively. The Sports Pavilion will convert our clay fair-weather, tennis only space into a covered multi-sport facility that can be used all through the school year.

Timeline: June/July – February 2017

Location: Tennis Court area

Construction Company: Elmi Olindo & Co.

The Sports Pavilion will provide ICS students in PE classes and after school sports programs with four multi-use courts for:

basketball (with retractable backboards);


doubles/singles tennis;

badminton (eight courts in total), and;

many other games and sports that require a harder surface

Three curtains will divide the courts into four separate teaching or practice spaces. The height of the pavilion will meet or exceed international standards for all our intended uses.

The ICS community has enjoyed 25+ years with our existing clay tennis facilities, and for that we have been grateful. Now we are poised to build multi-use facilities and flexible spaces that are necessary to accommodate and support our educational programs for students. Construction drawings and permits are being prepared now, and when we are ready, the tennis courts will be closed off for the construction period. Thank you for your understanding and attention to this change and the new facilities improvement project in our community.

Increased Security Measures to Obtain an ICS ID Badge

In August we will implement new procedures to continue to improve our security on campus. For each group of people who need access to ICS we will articulate the requirements to receive an ID badge. Some requirements will be new. We want to ensure—as much as possible—that everyone on our campus has been properly vetted to receive an ICS ID badge that corresponds to their role and purpose on our campus. In some cases, police background checks will be required.

As one of these additional steps, we will require all domestic helpers and drivers to submit a local police background check with their ID badge application. We will work with visitors, family members, guests, activity sponsors, etc. to ensure all who enter are given a corresponding ICS badge and, as applicable, request a police background check to be submitted with the application.

Watch for more information in August 2016. Further details will be on the ID badge application itself. Future notices in the Yezare should make meeting any additional steps as smooth as possible.