Parent Teacher Organization

Welcome to the PTO!

The PTO has a mission to meet the diverse needs of students, parents and teachers, to promote a cohesive community, and to support a quality education program.

We seek to accomplish this mission by:

  1. Support/facilitate a cooperative relationship and enhance two-way communication between the school and the ICS Community, including parents, teachers and students and the Board of Governors.
  2. Increase community involvement that supports the ICS Mission and Vision and student learning.
  3. Manage or facilitate activities and special events that support and enhance the sense of community at ICS for parents, teachers and students.
  4. Support students and student led- projects with volunteers, expertise and fundraising.

Here are the PTO Bylaws.

PTO Managing Team

Chair: Charlotte Bierstee-Kersten
Vice Chair: Kamilla Lindsholm
Treasurer: Ingrid Van Es
Secretary: Nate Woods
Cultural Liaison: Wangari Muliro


You can reach out to the PTO at

Home Language & PTO Parent Expertise 

One of the best resources that we have as a community is you. Our students benefit greatly from your range of language and cultural diversity, expertise, and encouragement. The PTO would like to strengthen your connection with students by creating activities and programs for you to share your skills to enhance our students' overall learning experience. Please take a moment to review the ICS PTO Parent Expertise Form and consider being a volunteer.

One way to connect is through the ICS Home Language program. Powered by parent volunteers, this language and cultural enrichment program will be held on campus every Wednesday afterschool. This environment enhances our students' understanding of their home (or mother tongue) language in a fun and collaborative setting. In the spring, there will also be an opportunity for classes to perform at our International Day. 

If you have any questions about the Home Language program, please

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