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We interviewed a group of HS seniors who have been recording a podcast series as part of their CAS project. The podcast series is an open and honest discussion about the various ways HS students experience stress and offers insight on effective strategies to cope with stress before and as it occurs.


Q: It’s pretty cool that you guys have chosen to do a podcast for your CAS project. What is it about?

Yoab: The subject of the podcast is stress; using our lives as an example. Discussing things that stress us and ways we have personally found to deal with our stress as well as proven methods to deal with stress, in an effort to help our peers.


Q: How did you pick the topic for the podcast?

Luca: The main topic at school right now is stress.

Girum: For me, stress is a big thing right now.

Yoab: Stress is a big thing right now for students.

Nick: Yeah, students want to know about stress and stress management.


Q: That’s so interesting! Do you know if your peers are listening to your podcast? Have you gotten feedback?

Lucas: We don’t necessarily know how many people are tuning in but it would be interesting to find out. Girum: That’s definitely something that we can include in a survey. Each week we send out a survey to get feedback and include a link to our podcast.


Q: How many episodes do you have planned?

Yoab: That’s something we’re still trying to figure out. Initially, this started as a CAS project, and the requirement is that by the end of this semester we need to have finalized all our episodes. But we are considering the idea of continuing the podcast once we come back from break depending on what topics come up. For now, we will have 5.


Q: Are you guys having fun recording the podcasts? Do you enjoy the process or is it just a requirement you are fulfilling?

Girum: I think it’s cool. We get to hear about other people’s experiences with stress and how they manage it. Even though we’re friends and know each other, we really don’t talk about stress. So even though the point of the podcast is to help our peers, we’re also helping each other at the same time by hearing each of our perspectives. It’s pretty cool.


Q: It sounds like you guys are getting a lot from recording these podcasts. Is there a specific stress management technique that works for you?

Yoab: For me, it’s about envisioning the end result. The thing that keeps me going when I feel stressed about schoolwork or a test, is the relief and satisfaction I’ll feel from getting it done. For example, if I have a test, I might be stressed about taking the test but I’ll remind myself that as soon as I’m done with the test, I’m done. That is the driving force for me to get my work done.

Girum: Usually I don’t plan for stress and it just seems to creep up on me when I least expect it. So anticipating stress is something that I am going to start planning for so that I can be more prepared to manage it.

Nick: I find that planning ahead for a test alleviates a lot of stress.


You can tune in to the podcast series HERE or choose one of the episodes below.

Week 1- Overview of Podcast and Defining Stress -Week 1

Week 2- Causes of our stress-Week 2

Week 3- Coping with Stress-Week 3

Week 4 - Self Love-Week 4


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