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Proactive 5th Grader Taking Care of This Place

Emil Hannig, a new student this year at ICS in grade 5 wants the ICS community to know he’s passionate about the environment and wants to “take care of this place”. His message to the ICS community: avoid bringing plastic cutlery to school and bring reusable ones instead.

“I noticed that the forks and containers at school were plastic. When I saw this I thought maybe I could change this. Using reusable forks would have a great impact on our environment.”

Emil’s passion for the environment began in his environmental studies class in his former school in Tanzania, where he learned about the harmful impact that plastic waste in oceans has on marine life.

His thoughts about ICS so far?

“I like ICS a lot. It’s more modern than the school I used to go to.”


Thank you Emil for your proactivity in taking care of this place and our environment.

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