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Grade 10 students have been studying the important topic of climate change in Social Studies and have recently been researching the impacts of climate change. Earlier this week they showcased some of their work.

The exhibition gave students the opportunity to share their research questions and findings with the community. Students also used carefully chosen objects to help them explain the answer to their research question. For example, some students brought milk to illustrate the impact that a warming planet has on cows and the amount of milk they can produce!

The broad topics that were used for their research were “the impacts of climate change on the oceans, on food and agriculture and on human health”. They then all narrowed these topics down to look at a more specific area of research. Some of the questions they investigated included:

  • To what extent has climate change affected the size of locust swarms in the Horn of Africa?

  • What impacts of climate change do people living near the Great Barrier Reef experience?

  • How do rising sea levels affect the economies of Thailand and India differently?

"I felt very satisfied with our exhibition. It was fun to talk about what we had gathered about our question and explain that to people who were interested.” - Oumarou, student.


"It was surprising to me how easy it was to talk about my topic. I could explain things well and link my artifact to my research and my research question. This was nice because I realized how well I actually knew my topic.” - Tessa, student.


"I believe everyone was interested in what we were talking about and I think that the information we were sharing was well thought out and enjoyable to talk about. I was happy with the outcome of our work, it was nice to finally share our hard work with others.” - Sylvia, student.


"This activity crucially helped me be a lot more successful when writing claim-evidence-reasoning paragraphs, as now not only do I know the 7 standards very well, but I know how to evaluate my work so that I can improve it to get me top marks.” - Benyam, student.


For more information about the climate change exhibition, please contact Catherine Bartram at

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