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<img src="toilet paper roll art.png" alt="A bunch of toilet paper rolls with tin foil art sculptures">

On Monday the EY4 class put on an exceptional art show to celebrate their learning of their inquiry unit, “the arts are an avenue for diverse expression”.

Teachers and staff came to see the art exhibition and were met by enthusiastic children eager to share and explain their artistic achievements. Upon walking into the EY4 hub one could feel that you had stepped into a world of imagination and open-ended learning.

The students used imaginative play and creative thinking to build intricate cities complete with fire stations and mountains and green areas using blocks, lego, and natural materials in an artistic combination.

There were clay and aluminum foil sculptures that were inspired by Alberto Giacometti bronze figures, students made tinfoil sculptures depicting different body movements and there was also a performing arts corner for the most theatrical students to express themselves through singing and dancing.

There were totem poles - and for those who don’t know what those are, historically, totem poles were carved out of giant cedar trees by the Northwest Coastal Indians and were used as a way of telling stories using symbols instead of words. Each of the totem poles represented a member of the student's family created from carefully chosen recycled materials that were strategically glued together and thoughtfully painted.

Through this inquiry, students understood that art is a process.

“I built a totem pole. My dad is at the bottom and he’s a jaguar because he likes hunting in the jungle. My mom is next on the pole and is a cheetah because she likes doing fast things, and my brother is next and is a horse because he likes eating salad. And I’m at the top and I’m a jet ski because I like going fast.” - Zayn, EY4 student

“I express myself through the arts by singing and dancing. I like singing and dancing because it makes me happy.” - Eliana, EY4 student

“I made a sculpture. I made a dog with some food. So I looked at the book the whole time and rolled a big ball to be the body. Then I make the little circle to be the head. I rolled little balls and pushed them for food. My favorite part was making the dog.” - Juniper, EY4 student

“I made this all by myself, and my mom and dad will like it because they love me”. - Isra, EY4 student

Although due to covid protocols parents were not allowed to participate in the event, their presence was felt in the way the children expressed and experienced their art through their families and surrounding. It was great to see the students and EY educators collaborate in this concept-based and inquiry-driven learning process.


For more information about the art show, please reach out to the EY4 teachers at

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