Welcoming Newcomers to ICS & Addis Ababa

Welcoming Newcomers to ICS & Addis Ababa
Manal Durri

Welcome to ICS!

If you’re just starting your journey at ICS Addis and joining our community, we want you to know that we are so excited to have you. We want you to feel welcome and comfortable in our community. Immersed in diversity, ICS is committed to offering the safest and highest level of learning to each of our students, and reassurance to all parents that your family is in good company. We welcome all with open arms and take great pride in our values, our campus, and our community.

To ensure your transition to Addis Ababa is a comfortable one, we want to share community resources and activities that can help you become acclimated and engaged in your new environment. We know that with change comes a bit of unease and we want you to feel included and familiar with our school and our wonderful host country.

ICS Services for Students and Parents

At ICS, we recognize that our students and families often come to us from many different backgrounds, countries, and cultures. It is our highest priority to ensure that we offer services for all needs and learning capabilities. We offer Student Support Services that aim to identify and address the needs of individual students.

Inclusivity is of top priority and we offer opportunities for special needs participation and English learning speakers. You should communicate any needs or concerns you have for your child with the staff and we can work together to ensure that they can pave their own way at ICS. We will always work to ensure your child can engage in programs that will make their time at our school a stimulating and progressive experience.

Aside from our academic measures for our families, ICS offers community engagement for parents as well. Our Parent Community Link encourages parental involvement in their child’s education by creating effective opportunities for two-way communication between parents and faculty. Prior to the pandemic, these would include bi-weekly Farmer’s Markets and monthly Coffee Mornings in the Upper Commons on campus specifically for parents and teachers. As added precautionary measures we have resumed our monthly Coffee Mornings at an outdoor location off-campus in order for our community to maintain relationships in a time of social distancing. We also coordinate quarterly day excursions for parents to popular city attractions which gives new parents the opportunity to meet other parents in a safe and interesting setting. We hope that parents will feel inspired to communicate with us in return and assist with event and activity coordination.

Community Activities to Help You Feel at Home

Ethiopia is a beautiful country with much to offer in the way of beauty and experience. From tours to excursions, we encourage you to spend some time appreciating the monuments and scenery Addis Ababa has to offer.

You can learn the history of Ethiopia through museums and landmarks such as the beautiful St. George’s Cathedral or the National Museum of Ethiopia. The Addis Ababa Museum offers a beautiful display that offers the backstory of Addis Ababa since its foundation in 1886.

If you would like to immerse yourself in the community and learn the ways of Ethiopians in Addis Ababa, you can visit the largest open-air market in Africa – Mercato. From food to exquisite cloths, you can find anything you may need at this market, as well as get a first-hand introduction to life in Addis Ababa. Because of the size and crowds at Mercato, it would be best to wait until the pandemic risk is minimized before visiting the market.

If you love the thrill of cycling in unexplored terrain, you will love Ride the Rift cycling tours. These tours are organized to help raise money to support tourism workers and the communities that have been hit hard by the pandemic, all while giving you beautiful landscapes to appreciate.

If adventuring is more your style, Addis Ababa offers hot air balloon tours with Abyssinia Ballooning. These magical tours are not only exciting but will give you an extraordinary view of your new home from heights that truly do the city-scape justice.

Steeped in history and landscape, Addis Ababa is a wonderful place to live. We hope you will take advantage of all it has to offer. Our profound hope is that you will join ICS Addis and feel you have found your home away from home.


This article was written by Communications Manager Manal Durri.