Sour Sugar Coating

Sour Sugar Coating
Lulit Kefey

There was a time when stones were more played with than phones,

No acting like you had glamorous lives.

You would just play games in groups of fives.

No caring about your appearance to satisfy others,

You wore what you felt like no need to use covers.

Now, everything we do is judged by every status.

Girls post pictures fishing for compliments,

“Look at me, I’m doin’ amazin,” yells the caption.

But deep down, they are really cryin’.

They choose the things they want to show,

And hide what they don’t want me to know.

They don’t want to display,

A thousand imperfect selfies or a bad fashion day.

Their life “looks” amazing amazing amazing.

But what about mine?

Little do I know… they are just--------faking.

She may look happier.

He may look leaner.

But never forget, their grass is not always greener.






She looks slimmer.

I walk to the mirror.

My fingers trace my thighs,

My stretch marks feel thicker,

My stomach looks wider.

Aware that what you're doing isn’t right,

Just like the moon, you lay in the dark alone at night.

With a toxic bomb in your hands.

That feeling starts to creep in

Slowly, you start thinkin’,

You long for more.

Life suddenly becomes so meaningless,

And all that excitement turns into stress.

“There's more to what's on the screen,” they say.

But these days, what is “off the screen” is people on their screens.

You didn’t want to be an addict,

But Instagram sold you the drugs for free.

You didn’t want to be a machine,

But Youtube put in your batteries.

I have 1,022 friends.

But yet so, I am still lonely.

I don't want to be lonely, but my phone disconnected me.