See You Later ICS

See You Later ICS
Jo King

Words alone cannot express how very very thankful I am to have been part of the ICS family and community for the past 20 years.  I came to Addis for a month's work with a small NGO carrying two suitcases: one small one with clothes and a large one with teaching materials. I completely fell in love with the Ethiopian people, places, and cultures, and was welcomed in like a long-lost family member or an old friend. Of the seven other countries I had worked in, this was the first to feel like home.  I met and married my favorite husband, Enenetie Bayabil Gobeze, and together we have raised our lovely sons Luca and Pascal here. They have had the best international education a parent could hope for at ICS, and it is with the utmost humility and deepest gratitude that I thank each and every one of you for teaching them how to lead a good life. From the kindness of our Security and Maintenance teams to the rigor of our IB teachers, each one of you has contributed to our family's well-being in more ways than you can know.

The boys and I are eagerly awaiting our release from 10 days of hotel quarantine in the UK, the impending arrival of Nete (visa still pending) and our dog Ocean, and of course England's imminent win in the Euros!

If you venture over to our little island, be sure to be in touch! 

A welcome warmer than the UK weather awaits you!