Life After Six Months of Lockdown to Back at School

Life After Six Months of Lockdown to Back at School
Yeabsera Esayas

In an unprecedented situation like this, no one knew what to do. No individual left school on March 12th thinking they wouldn’t shortly return to campus. At this point, a global pandemic had not been declared, thus the severity of the issue was uncertain. I would assume most students were excited to begin this journey of online learning, something most of us have never masked upon. A blinded opportunity to learn from home, in our comfort, at our own speed. The uproar that filled up the school on that last day came from a place of eagerness to take time to relax and to take time for ourselves.

The first couple weeks of online learning were great, I’m sure many could attest to this. However, it didn’t take long for the uncertainty of when we would return to consume people’s thoughts. At this point many had traveled back to their homes, whether it be in Europe or North America, many of our international students had left Ethiopia. Seeing as how many of us believed this was a short-term crisis no one exactly understood the severity of the situation. Slowly, however, there was more and more discussion regarding the spread of the virus, and schools remaining closed until the following year. Many of us had not really left the house at this point, and slowly were beginning to realize that we weren’t going to any time soon.

This extended summer – if you can call it that – gave students, and adolescent teens all over the world extra time. Time to reflect on their year, on their future, and slow down l to appreciate the things they didn’t necessarily have time to do before the lockdown. It was like an out of body experience, that nobody could quite wrap their fingers around. Many of us spent these months, reflecting, delving into some of our childhood hobbies, and spending time with our families.

During the lockdown, we all braced ourselves for the uncertain future. The situation wasn’t only affecting us in our households, but affecting everyone around the world. I don’t know about the general consensus of students around the world or ICS, but personally, I assume that many went down a path of self-destruction. It’s like that quote “sometimes too much time isn’t time well spent.’” This was a period of self-discovery, a “journey of melodic bliss.” Despite the confusion that filled the air many learned and grew from this experience.

Sometimes unprecedented situations can be regarded as opportunities. Even if this was one that spurred from a tragic virus – it somehow can bring insight into our lives, depending on what we choose to do with it. This opportunity allowed me to venture out into the world of reflection and self-meditation. I was able to take on new experiences as well as reconnect with some of my past hobbies like playing the piano and expanding my personal literature. The transition back to school was difficult, but much needed after such a prolonged isolation. One of the biggest lessons I've learned during this time is that people tend to take their everyday lives for granted. When unprecedented situations take place it can seem difficult to get a hang of everything, but it is possible.


This article was written by High School student Yeabsera Esayas. Yeabsera has been a student at ICS since kindergarten.