"If" Pastiche - You

"If" Pastiche - You
Amishi Mishra

If you can build when destruction surrounds you,

And swim when people try to drown you,

If you can speak the truth in oceans of lies,

Or be in the moment, how time flies,

If you can light up the darkest of places,

And fight through life, the hardest stages

If you can fall to the ground and still get up,

And get angry but not erupt,

If you can help other people in your life,

And constantly work so you can thrive,

If you are hurting but you still do not hurt

When being pushed down so much you can taste dirt,

If you can have fun and make good memories,

So sweet, they’ll be your future “stories”,

If you have been sheltering throughout some storms,

Or trying to speak out against the “norms”,

If you can stand up after a battering,

Or say “follow your dreams!” while yours are shattering

If you can lead without being ordering,

Or sometimes don’t stop your eyes from watering,

If you can realize the power you have,

While realizing how small you are,

If you know that change is inevitable,

And flow like the wind, yet be tethered like an anchor

Then- you will be You.


Written by grade 9 student Amishi Mishra, as part of her English course unit on poetry.