"If" Pastiche - Humble

"If" Pastiche - Humble
Menna Yoseph

If you can be the shepherd and not the sheep

Yet not be boastful about your delight,

If you are kind and ignore when the crowd speaks,

Turn away from the darkness and find the light

If you love your enemies even when they judge;

You don’t know their pains so don’t gossip too much

If you follow the wrong crowd, They take you away.

So, always fight for your happiness, always.

If you honor your mother and father,

And be grateful to them forever and more

If you see your sibling fall, take their hands;

Tell them “you will be ok” and heal their sores

If you take the people who love you for granted,

Treasure them. They are your family, they are yours.

If you can accept failure without a tear;

Keep moving forward and never look back.

If you accept the loss and still believe,

That one day there will be peace and no fear.

If you help people in need that don’t have much

Don’t be afraid to be the person that helps them get up.

If you can keep your inside pure and prevent

Damage in your heart and soul

If you let any hate take over your body,

Remove it one-by-one so that there will be none left in you at all

If you think life is a waste that consists of countless pains

Then you are wrong, keep building your faith

If you know that you live your life for you,

And not for anybody else then you will live a beautiful life, my friend.


Written by grade 9 student Menna Yoseph, as part of her English course unit on poetry.