"If" Pastiche - Discover

"If" Pastiche - Discover
Charlie Stuart

If you always keep your head up tall with a smile

When no one truly believes in you

If you find time to balance friendship and occupation

Even though one might seem more crucial

If you are able to explore new places

Whilst experiencing disparate cultures

If you can find the truth and are able to

Share it no matter the consequence

If you can not fight with those who disagree

But focus on those who support

Or blasting music on the highway with your

Friends and not consider others opinions

If you put all of your efforts into things you

Are passionate about and do it really well

If you can dance in the rain with your clothes soaked

Yet not focus on anything but the moment

If you can sleep under the stars and watch while

Appreciating the beauty in the unknown

If you are able to take a long walk where

Each step you get closer and closer to the unpredictability

If you can create your own family with non-blood relatives

And be just as happy with them as with your own

If you are able to speak to more than 5 people with

Different ethnicities and have a full conversation

If you are able to overcome hard times

Grieve but then continue on with life

If you can discover more about yourself yet

Also about others. Discovering humanity

If you are able to support not only

Yourself but the people in need

This is your world as much as everyone else’s

These will help you reach a full unregretful life.


Written by grade 9 student Charlie Stuart, as part of her English course unit on poetry.