"If" Pastiche - Sour

"If" Pastiche - Sour
Kate Makhija

If life turns sour, you manage to pursue

And stay when others take others problems out

If you can stand up for you and others too

When wicked and wretched begin to doubt

If you don’t care what they say on what you do

Let them boom out their babbling, blaring mouths

If they talk, let them, it shouldn’t concern you

So don’t let anyone else make your image go south

If we have one chance- don’t let it go to waste

What’s the point of being here if you don’t try for the best

If we live one life- leave having got a taste

Live the life you want to live- do what you want in life’s crazy test

If you can make someone smile on their worst day

It’ll make their entire day turn around,

Or if you can help them through whatever they

Are going through, the good of your day and theirs will be found

If we were given this world- that will not last

Forever- then we must protect, not fight and argue because

If we wreck its beauty- bad results come fast

So we must be kind to this planet- and others despite their “flaws” so

If given the chance, be kind to all despite

The color of their skin, their gender, pronouns, and ethnicity

If you judge one on appearances and rights

It says more about you and that you were raised by toxicity

If you can eat with the Queens and continue

To help the less fortunate

If you can grow up and do what you want to

What you do should make you happy- no argument

If it gives money, give some to ones with less

As they never got a chance to live the life of you and I

And the world is yours, so you shouldn’t ever stress

But it is everyone else's too so don’t forget to share what you have, and understand why.


Written by grade 9 student Kate Makhija, as part of her English course unit on poetry.