I Remained Here

I Remained Here
Joshua Smalley

It wasn't ideal spending all summer to myself, but I took advantage of it. I do love this country and it was an easy summer as a result.

I completed my scheduled move closer to ICS after things settled down in July, and I decided to do some painting on my walls. It's a bit childish but kinda fun too. Here's one of the paintings: here

I created the new Publications I & II curriculum for the high school. We can now create the yearbook as a class and be flexible with the course in future years if we wish to use the Publications courses for some other purpose than the yearbook.

I visited a beautiful birding site just on the edge of the city: video here & photos here

During the internet blackout, I watched a lifetime of movies in one month. I was ready to move and everything was boxed up in my apartment, so there wasn't much left to do except go on a movie binge, something I've never done before. Also, there was also a power outage and generator problems in Heart Apartments right as the unrest began, so I hunkered down and ate beans for a few days as that was all I had left in my fridge due to preparation for the move; it all felt very dramatic (haha). Eventually, I hired a taxi to bring me food. 

I put together a comedy bit: here

My travel partner in the Himalayas (from December 2019) put together a number of videos of our snow leopard trekking trip; here was one of those videos: here and here are some photos here

It was also exciting being here when the dam began to fill and people celebrated: here

My dad was here for spring break but given that covid began to be an issue, all we were able to squeeze in was a brief trip to the Bale Mountains before I kept him in my apartment. Got to see an eagle interact with a wolf, though, and that was pretty special: here

The peace and the serenity were amazing here.

Ok, ok, enough photos and videos :) If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I can't imagine how essays are contained in one video :) 

It was a good summer, a relaxing summer. I'm excited to see everyone back and healthy. It's been odd being here without most of you. I miss you. See you all in person very soon! It's going to be a beautiful year.


Joshua Smalley is a High School English, Journalism, and Photography teacher at ICS.