BLM Poem

BLM Poem
Neo, Grade 8

Rebcaka: Ya I guess that's rude but it's fine because people like you don't really belong here

Why should our skin color say who we are?
I'm honestly asking for the last time
Is being different such a crime?
Didn't we agree on “ you can't judge a book by its cover”

I can look different but be another you
In fact, I can do everything you can do
I can graduate with a score 10 times better than yours
I can be just as smart and make the same discoveries and changes as you

So why do we as black people have to fight for our rights?
So how come it was people like me who had to gather to make a difference? How is it that we have to protest, write speeches, and fight just so we can be free? How come we didn't deserve the same rights as people like you?

Tell me something, what if it was you?
How would you feel having to fight for the rights everybody else already had?
What would you say to all of the injustice?
Will wait for all the equal rights but just remember this, what if it was you?