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We love our alumni! 

The purpose of the ICS/ACS Alumni program is to reconnect and develop a relationship and network with former students, parents and staff. We hope the ICS Alumni program will help foster pride, support and a life-long connection with ICS/ACS, benefiting the school, students, and other alumni.

By connecting with each other, we hope to:

  • Help alumni connect with each other and build a strong professional network

  • Help alumni keep abreast of ICS/ACS alumni accomplishments, ICS Addis news and events and future ICS developments

  • Help current students and recent alumni benefit from the experience and knowledge of past students, parents and teachers

We consider alumni to be any former student, parent and employee of ACS/ICS Addis.

One of the most interesting parts of all the events is meeting ICS/ACS alumni from various generations. They are all vibrant, successful, articulate and service-hearted people, who describe ICS/ACS Addis as a pivotal part of their lives.” 

Dr. Tim Stuart- ICS Head of School

Alumni Events

London Alumni Event Rocked!  

We had a great time in San Francisco with ACS alums from the 1960's and 70's

ICS/ACS Alumni event at the ICS campus in Addis Ababa was fantastic, attended by over 50 former students and staff.

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