We love our alumni! 

The purpose of the ICS/ACS Alumni program is to reconnect and develop  relationships and network with former students, parents and staff. We hope the ICS Alumni program will help foster pride, support and a life-long connection with ICS/ACS, benefiting the school, students, and other alumni.

By connecting with each other, we hope to:

  • Help alumni connect with each other and build a strong professional network

  • Help alumni keep abreast of ICS/ACS alumni accomplishments, ICS Addis news and events and future ICS developments

  • Help current students and recent alumni benefit from the experience and knowledge of past students, parents and teachers

We consider alumni to be any former student, parent and employee of ACS/ICS Addis.

"One of the most interesting parts of all the events is meeting ICS/ACS alumni from various generations. They are all vibrant, successful, articulate and service-hearted people, who describe ICS/ACS Addis as a pivotal part of their lives"

Records Requests

If you are a former student and require school documents or transcripts, please fill the records request form HERE. The ICS Registrar ( will follow up with you as soon as possible. 

For former employees who require work-related documents, please contact the HR Office on

ICS Alumni Platform

This ACS/ICS Alumni platform brings our community together by providing you with access to the following:

  • A running feed of alumni updates, interesting content, photos and conversations.
  • A full opt-in directory of alumni and students, allowing you to connect with your ACS/ICS community around the world.
  • A mentorship program, giving you the opportunity to be mentored by others or offer mentorship to fellow alumni and/or current students.
  • A job board with current opportunities, posted by ICS, alumni and strategic partners.
  • Group conversations allowing you to engage at a more granular level with those from the same class, interests, careers, industries, and locations as you.
  • Events posted by alumni and ICS, inviting you to upcoming events, encouraging pop-up engagement, coffee meetings around the world, webinars hosted by subject matter experts within our networks, and other organic engagement opportunities created for and by you.

You can sign up in less than two minutes by registering with your Linkedin or Facebook profiles or with an email.  You can also download the app directly to your phone.

Apple Store Link 

Choose Graduway Community and then select ICSaddisalumni)

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