G11 Internship


The Aim of the ICS Internship Program is to provide opportunities beyond the classroom for students to engage in learning experiences that enhance the development of the following CAS Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth
  • Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
  • Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience
  • Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences
  • Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively
  • Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance
  • Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

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If you have an internship opportunity for our students and want to become a mentor, please click below to fill out our Mentor Application. This year, the internship program will take place during the week of 4-8 March 2019.

For more information please contact Siham Omar at siham.omar@icsaddis.org

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General Information

  • All Grade 11 students are required to participate in the ICS Internship program. Modifications may need to be made for students in our transition program or for students in our Learning Support program.
  • The ICS Internship lasts for one week (approximately forty hours) and takes place during the second semester of Grade 11.
  • Students are selected for ICS Internships based on an application process that includes: school attendance and behavior, career goals, and/or interest and aptitudes.
  • Students may not receive any monetary or in kind reward for their services as an intern.
  • Students will not be placed in internships where they are supervised by or working directly with family members or in a company or organization owned wholly or in part by family members.
  • Final decisions regarding all aspects of the ICS Internship program are the prerogative of the ICS CAS Coordinator and the High School Principal.
  • The ICS Internship Program will take place in late March 2019.

Student Guidelines

  • Perform the necessary tasks and follow instructions as given by the Internship Coordinator and/or Internship Mentor or direct supervisor.
  • Abide by the regulations, policies and rules of both the Mentor Organization and the school.
  • Attend the introductory meeting, any appropriate training and the closing appreciation event.
  • Provide transportation to and from the assigned internship site with parent permission.
  • Notify the supervisor of any absence or late arrival prior to starting time.
  • Recognize that a school absence is also an internship absence.
  • Record daily journal entries on his/her activities as required.
  • Report to the Internship Coordinator as soon as possible when problems arise affecting his/her internship Placement
  • Not hold the Mentor Organization Mentor Organization liable for accidents or injuries sustained during internship, as noted in the Liability Consent Form
  • Dress appropriately for the Internship experience.
  • Keep all matters confidential
  • Complete the Internship Reflection within one week after the Internship.

Parent Guidelines

  • Parents must provide transportation to the internship site and home.
  • Parents must provide lunch, water, and healthy snacks for the duration of the internship.
  • Parents must inform the school and the mentor in the event of any circumstances that prevent a student form attending the internship.
  • Parents ensure that their child is appropriately dressed for the internship.
  • Parents must complete and sign the Internship Contract, Internship Confidentiality Agreement, and the Internship Parent/Guardian Consent form.

Worksite Experience

  • The Internship Contract must be signed by the student, parent, and mentor and kept on file with the ICS CAS Coordinator.
  • A job description is prepared, outlining job duties and student learning competencies and is agreed to by all parties.
  • Students will adhere to the duties specified in the internship description.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all ICS students required to take part in the internship program? 

All ICS students in grade 11 must undertake an internship.


How do mentors apply for the internship program?

Mentors complete and submit an online Internship application on the ICS website.


How are internships assigned?

The CAS Coordinator assigns internships by matching students’ skills and interests with mentors’ needs and requirements. The CAS Coordinator and the High School Principal must approve all internships.


How much time is required for an internship?

Students are expected to complete a forty-hour week of internship that takes place during the second semester of Grade 11. Actual hours with individual mentors may vary somewhat, but this is the general rule.


When does the ICS Internship take place?

For this school year, ICS Internships take place in late March. Students do not attend classes during this week.


Can students take internships at other times of the school year?

All internships must take place during the scheduled week. Students may privately arrange additional internships at other times of the year, such as during vacations and weekends, but not during school time. ICS only arranges internships during the week as scheduled.


Does the school provide transportation to the internship site?

No. Parents are entirely responsible for ensuring that their children arrive promptly at the site and that they are collected in a similar manner at the end of the day.


How do students track or document their internships?

Students use our online program, managebac, to do this. The records are permanently available and may be transferred to other schools and formats. They will also include their internships in their resumes.


Who is responsible for supervising the ICS internship program?

The Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Coordinator and the Grade 11-12 High School Counselor supervise the students and manage the program. All internships are subject to approval of the High School Principal.

Can my child do an internship at my company or place of employment?

No. Students cannot do internships with any family members. The program is designed to introduce students to new environments, new challenges, and new people. Learning how to function in unfamiliar situations is an essential skill and a goal of the program, and we feel that these objectives would be compromised if we allowed students to proceed in a known environment.


Are ICS interns paid?

No. Students may not receive any form of payment for their services as an intern.


What can I expect from an ICS Intern?

ICS interns are in Grade 11 and are usually 17 years of age. They have very limited, if any, experience in the workplace. The ICS Internship Program is designed to help them to develop skills in many areas and it is primarily a learning experience for them. As such, they cannot be expected to take on responsibility for major projects or to perform faultlessly. We expect them to make mistakes as a normal part of the learning process.


What kind of skills do ICS interns have?

ICS Interns bring a variety of skills, and each student will have his or her own individual strengths and aptitudes. Some will be able to work in IT applications, communication, service, research, teaching, working with children.


What kinds of skills can mentors teach ICS Interns?

ICS Interns’ interests vary from student to student and they will be interested in learning a variety of skills. Depending on the industry, ICS Interns could learn skills in computer programming, communication, design, service, healthcare, business, maintenance, gardening, painting, child care, foodservice, hospitality, administration, translating, design, office work, manual labor, engineering, architecture, photography, filmmaking, – just about anything!

Do students receive high school credit for their internships?

No. Students’ progress toward the eight CAS outcomes is recorded and contributes toward their graduation and IB Diploma requirements. Additionally, they may feature their internship in their resume or portfolio and refer to it their college application essays.


What are the responsibilities of the mentor?

Mentors are responsible for engaging with the Intern before and throughout the Internship in order to plan, provide, and supervise a significant learning experience. Please refer to the ICS Internship Guidelines and Contract for further details.


Who can I contact to get more information on the ICS Internship Program?

Please contact:

2018 Internship Partners


A big shout out to all the businesses that help our students by providing an rich experience!

Nia Foundation

Kids First Academy

New English Private School

Ethiopian Airlines

Orna's Handcraft

Yimesgen Garage Apartments PLC