We have an "open door" policy and encourage two way communication. You can directly email any one of us.

Who to contact


Who to contact

Overall school concerns

Dr. Tim Stuart: Head of School


General campus access questions, new construction, facilities and maintenance, lost & found

Dr. George Zickefoose: Deputy Head of School


Security, safety around Ethiopia, to report an item missing (e.g. phone, laptop, etc.)

Hailu Kassaye: Chief Security Officer


Core Planning Team, MAP testing

Elaine Nicholson: Executive Director of Learning


General or informational questions, communications, calendar, ICS Weekly, Community Access Program, website, social media, Fettan-lunch accounts

Kristi Williams: Executive Director of Strategic Programs


Business Office, tuition, fees


Board of Governors

Patrick Scott: Board of Governors Chair


General feedback




High School

David Redmond:HS Principal

Nick Janna : Deputy HS Principal

Middle School

Elizabeth Johnston: MS Principal

Chris McBride: Deputy MS Principal

Elementary School

Susan Ballantyne: ES Lead Principal

David 'Cal' Callaway: ES Co-Principal

Communications to Parents

ICS provides a number of ways to keep parents updated on what’s happening at school, in the classroom and with your student. We are trying to decrease the number of printed hard-copies given out.  Most of our communications will be digital and/or online or in person.

  • Newsletter-ICS Weekly: The MAIN source of information is the weekly newsletter, the ICS Weekly  This is delivered via email every Thursday.  The email will direct you to our website for full information.  It is critical that all parents read the Weekly to stay informed.
  • Website: The ICS website holds a wealth of information and downloadable documents.  Be sure to save the address in your bookmarks.
  • Communications Hub: Visit the wall next to the cafeteria with the latest events and happenings.
  • Emergency SMS: We will contact parents/guardians in the event of an emergency using email and our SMS system.  We also use the SMS for cafeteria pre-paid account notifications.
  • Back to School Nights: An evening at the beginning of the year to meet teachers and leadership and understand the plan for the year.
  • Board of Governors AGMs: The board is the governing body at ICS. There are two Association General Meetings throughout the year that parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  Strategic overviews are provided with an opportunity for parents to ask questions.
  • Monthly coffee mornings: Each month a community coffee morning is held.  Leadership will be present for you to interact with.
  • Quarterly Head of School Parent Forums:These meetings will take place each quarter, providing another opportunity to interact with the leadership of the school and to be informed of happenings.
  • Parent Portal/Seesaw:  Powerschool (PS) portal allows parents to view and monitor MS/HS student assignments, schedules, exam results and progress, through a password protected online portal. Seesaw is used in the elementary school providing progress and updates.
  • Progress Reports/Teacher Conferences: Parents will receive interim and quarterly progress reports.  Additionally, formal Teacher-Student/Parent conferences are scheduled two times a year.

Communications from parents

At ICS, we believe that feedback and constructive communication is important for the success of the school. Here are a number ways for parents to communicate with the school.

  • Teachers & Administrators: Each year we provide an extensive list of teacher and administrator contact details. In addition, parents are welcome to set up an appointment with your teachers(s) and principal, assistant principle or any other administrator.  If you have any feedback, please reach out.
  • Info@ICS Email: This email is monitored throughout each day.  Any general questions or feedback is welcomed.
  • Feedback@ICS Email: This email specifically for any feedback.  Emails sent to feedback@ICS are monitored, logged and forwarded to the appropriate person, team or division.
  • Parent Community Link (PCL): Join the parent community group. The PCL is set up to help facilitate two-way communication between parents and the school. Or email them at
  • Board of Governors: You can reach out to the Board directly by emailing:
  • Attend events: Come to the monthly coffee mornings, come to the Association General Meetings, come to the HoS Parent Forums.  These are forums for parent communication.

Parent / Guardian contact information

ICS stresses the importance of providing a safe and well-balanced school program. However, we recognize that even with the most thorough preparations, accidents and emergency situations may occur. It is important that each student’s parents provide the school with the most current information that will assist in the event of an unfortunate situation. At the beginning of school, families will be asked to verify the contact data on file at the school. The parents will be asked to confirm the accuracy of this information and make amendments as needed. Should this information change during the year; parents are asked to contact the school with these amendments.

Parents or legal guardians are the only persons recognized by the school to…

  • give permission for participation in school activities
  • sign forms, write notes of absence
  • allow students to leave school in case of illness
  • pick up children from school

Persons designated to perform any of the above activities must have written authority from a parent or legal guardian. Forms are available from the Counseling Office and kept in the student's file. Temporary guardianship should also be recorded in the student's file.

Temporary Guardianship

All students must have a parent or guardian present in Ethiopia who assumes full responsibility for the student. If the parent(s) or current guardian(s) will be out of Addis Ababa, not in cell phone range or absent from Ethiopia, they MUST designate another adult as the guardian during that time. The designated guardian will be the primary contact for the named students during the dates of guardianship, including for emergencies. The appointed guardian has the authority to direct medical intervention and emergency evacuation from Ethiopia. Parents will also be contacted, whenever possible.

Guardianship forms are available on our website under Information.

Can I put up posters or buy/sell announcements?

Yes you can!

ICS employees and students can put up school event posters at the Communications Hub.

Any non-school posters or information MUST be registered at the Reception Desk and will be posted on the community bulletin board near the gym for 2 weeks.

Photos and Videos

ICS takes photos and videos of students during school and class events, performances, presentations, in the classrooms and around school.  Photos and videos are used in ICS promotional materials including but not limited to our website, information displays, brochures, flyers, banners, posters and recruitment materials.  Students may be identified by grade level and/or first name only. Videos of concerts and presentations are made available on our website to ICS parents.

If you do not want your child’s photo to be used in our promotional materials please email with your request.

I am not receiving emails from ics

Sorry for the inconvenience of not receiving emails for the school.  We know it can be frustrating to not receive important information.

We continuously update out database and monitor our server to ensure that our emails go out.

  • Please check your spam or junk folders regularly, as sometimes our emails go there
  • While emails are being sent from our server, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the email due to factors out of our control.  For example, some email providers may block activity coming from Ethiopia. 
  • Add ICS as a trusted domain to your inbox
  • Continue to monitor the ICS Weekly Newsletter and the website for information.

You can always send a question to and can provide feedback to