Until physical distancing is lifted, the following adjustments will be in place.

  • Students and employees will be able to pre-order a pre-packaged lunch from the cafeteria, with protein or vegetarian/fasting or Ethiopian option.

  • There will be no delivered lunches by nannies or drivers and no Deliver Addis or other off-campus food delivery services allowed.

  • Food cannot be brought in to share. For example, no birthday cakes, cupcakes or cookies. No shared popcorn, etc.

  • All students will wash their hands with soap and water before and after eating and will clean their hands with the alcohol spray after lunch prior to entering their classroom.


  • Each week, we will share the weekly menu for the following week.

  • Parents can order pre-packaged lunches for their students on a weekly basis.

  • Orders MUST be in by Thursday end of day for the following week.

  • All student lunch accounts will be charged on Friday for the following week.

  • Please be sure your child's account has enough money or your order will not be submitted.

  • If for some reason, you order lunch and your child does not use the pre-ordered lunch, there will be no refund given.

  • HERE is the link to order lunch for ES students

  • HERE is the link to order lunch for MS and HS students

For more information on the prepaid account system, click HERE.


Other Information