ES ASA Sign Up

There are three ASA seasons throughout the school year. Each season offers over 80 different activities for students in grades 1-12. More information about each ASA season will be distributed to ES parents and all students prior to the start of each season.  

Season 2 ASA Booklet HERE


When it is time to register for an ASA season, you will receive an ES ASA booklet and an email with your child's ID number.

STEP 1 Click here to register online.

STEP 2 Enter your child’s code and click “Log In". You will see a screen with all the ASAs that are available for your child at his/her age level.

STEP 3 Select up to two (2) extra-curricular activities for your child by clicking on each of the boxes next to the name of the activity. If the activity is full we ask that you select another choice. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for a full activity, please click on the desired box.

STEP 4 Once you have selected the ASAs for your child, please click the “register” button at the bottom of the screen. You will then receive a confirmation page of your child’s activities that you should print out for your records.

STEP 5 You can return to the Elementary ASA Online Registration System to add and/or drop activities for your child. Please be aware, as soon as you drop an activity, the computer will automatically place someone on the waiting list in your child’s place; so be very sure that you want to drop an activity before you do so.

Grade 4/5 Sports Teams

Students in Grades 4 & 5 also have the opportunity to play in the U12 ISSAAA Sports league. The ISSAAA is an organization of schools in Addis Ababa.

Students who are 11 years old or younger as of 1 September of the school year, and who are in Grade 4 or 5 qualify to participate in this league. This will allow our athletes to compete with other schools in organized and coached teams. If your child is interested in playing school sports please do not sign up on the days those sports practices will occur, which are normally on Mondays and Thursdays. 

In the U12 team sports teams, we have an inclusive policy. This means that all interested and committed students will be placed on a team and receive game time regardless of ability.

To register for these teams we will need you to register online and we will also need a passport copy of the student’s details (this is used to verify age at fixtures). Go to the Athletics page HERE to register. 

ASA Process for missing or dropping an ASA and for no ASA days

  • f your child is going to miss an ASA on a day that they are at school please inform the student’s teacher at least one day in advance.
  • Students must attend their ASA if they are at school and the teacher has been notified otherwise (to make sure that teachers and parents know where students are.)
  • If your child is going to drop an activity please notify the ASA Office so that the student could be dropped from the activity roster and another student could, be added if there is a waiting list.
  • Students are not permitted to attend ASAs on a day they are absent from school.

 ASAs will not be held on the following days:

  • on all half days and days without school.
  • on days with curricular activities such as:
    • Play Days
    • Parent Teacher Conferences

EAL and Special Needs Student Participation

After school activities are a time for children to have fun and explore new tasks. We want your children to gain, the most they can, from these experiences. Children who are learning English and children with special needs often need our help to ensure they get the most out of the activity.

ICS staff are involved in instructing activities at this time or involved in preparing lessons for your children and therefore are not available to assist with specific children. Parents can help us to ensure that the  children get the most from their experience.

Children that are learning English and children that have special needs may need to have guidance attending their after school activity. Please help us help your child gain the most that they can in their after school activity, by following some of these suggestions:

  • The first few times your child attends the activity, have someone (a nanny, your driver, or yourself) take your child to ensure they arrive at the correct activity and understand the expectations.
  • Inform the after school activity instructor (as some are not teachers) about your child’s unique needs.
  • Check in occasionally to see that things are still progressing, after you and the instructor agree that your child has settled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many activities can I sign my child up for? The limit is two activities; students do not have to sign up for two, but of course they will probably want to, so two is the maximum

What time do activities end? All activities end at 4:30 PM, and all parents should arrange the necessary pick-up near the front gate at the pickup loop, when their child has a scheduled ASA.

I don’t have internet at home-how will I sign up? We give a lot of notice to the community about the sign up time and you should arrange to have access to the internet during that time either at home, at work, or on campus.

When I signed up, the activity was full and my child cannot do his favorite activity. What can I do? This is unfortunate and does happens in the case of the very popular activities. Some activities have limited facilities and equipment and that is why there is a limit on spaces. Your child will then be placed, after consulting with you, into a different activity if you are on the waiting list. We have found that after the initial disappointment, once a child is enrolled in something else, they are glad to be there and have a lot of fun. Having a number of backups is useful to have just in case an activity is full.

My child really wanted to be in activity with her friend. Can we switch activities now that they and themselves in different ones Unfortunately, due to the high interest in many of these activities and the logistics involved, this is not possible.

My child is doing U12 sport. Can he sign up for another activity? Yes, but only if it is not on the same days as the U12 sport.

The really popular activities such as Gymnastics, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do always seem full barely seconds after sign up. Is the system fair? The system is fair to everyone and ICS does not hold reserved lists. Some ASA’s are just very popular but due to safety, facility or instructional factors there are limits on maximum numbers in them.