ICS Campus Playbook

This Playbook is designed to keep our students, employees, community members and campus safe. All employees, students and community members on campus must adhere to all the protocols in the Playbook. All students, employees, parents and community member MUST adhere to the protocols in the Playbook.

The ICS Leadership Team has carefully considered how to balance the safeguarding of the health and safety of our community with the educational needs of our students. Our protocols are informed by best practices from schools around the world, guidelines from the CDC, the WHO and government regulations and are created in consultation with our Covid Taskforce.  The ICS Covid Taskforce consists of the Head of School, Executive Director of Strategic Programs, Chief Medical Officer, a Board member and an infectious disease specialist, researching the latest science and collaborating with health professionals around the world.

Several factors have influenced our Campus Playbook strategies:

  • Positivity and severe cases rates and health care capacity within Addis Ababa and Ethiopia;

  • the learning and socio-emotional needs of our students;

  • the health and safety of our students, employees and community;

  • best practice and recommendations from the CDC and WHO and other health professionals and organizations from around the world and,

  • Recommendations from our Covid taskforce team which includes medical professionals, Board members, Leadership team members, infectious disease specialist.

  • Ethiopian government recommendations and guidelines.

What follows is, we believe, a prudent and realistic path which acknowledges the importance of student-to-staff contact and students’ peer-to-peer contacts, while being clear about the fact we are still in the midst of a pandemic and need to mitigate risks to the extent this is possible.

Below are some highlights of the Campus Playbook.  Please access the full Campus Playbook HERE.

Health, Wellness and Safety are our Priority

In addition to adhering to the government of Ethiopia guidelines and recommendations from the CDC, the WHO and other best practices regarding cleanliness measures, we have also taken into account the need for appropriate physical distancing measures.

As we prioritize physical distancing, we will:

  • require masks to enter campus for all adults and for students from early years to grade 12

  • require temperature checks and hand sanitizing upon entering the campus

  • enable multiple drop off and pickup locations

  • limit access to the campus

  • organize classrooms and commons areas and modify learning for physical distancing

  • facilitate frequent hand washing

  • continue to train, teach, and remind employees and students of health and safety protocols

Campus Playbook Highlights

Here are some highlights from the Campus Playbook. Please access the full Campus Playbook HERE.