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Brownie Girl Scouts Donate Books!

Monday, February 13, 2017

During the past months, the ICS Girl Scout Brownie Troop came up with the idea of collecting books to donate to a local school. Soon after they spoke at assembly to announce the book drive, held meetings with the ICS Elementary School Principal and Librarian, and worked closely with the ICS Elementary School Action Coordinator, to place boxes at strategic locations to collect donated books from the large ICS community.

In addition, the girls, and their parents, organized a bake sale where pastries were exchanged by books. Sarah Maria, grade 3 explained: “Our idea of doing this book drive was to help boys and girls with their education and to give books to schools that don’t have many.” Risa, grade 3 expressed: “I felt good helping our neighboring school, Mekdela. I had fun collecting books and selling baked goods for a good cause.” This past Friday, January 27, the Brownie Troop officially delivered 388 books to the vice principals from Mekdela School, a local Ethiopian school near ICS.

The Mekdela authorities were moved and inspired by the girls' work and by the fact that they cared about other children. “I feel pretty proud of all the Brownies because we stepped up to the challenge and did what was right,” said Soyla, grade 2.