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Deputy Head of School Message

Deputy Head of School for Operations

Date Posted: 
Thursday, April 6, 2017

Deputy Head of School for Operations, Dr. George Zickefoose

EFP Joint Training on the ICS Addis Campus – 1 April 2017

Last Saturday, the Ethiopian Federal Police (EFP) Bomb Squad and K-9 (sniffer dog) team joined forces to conduct a practice drill in case we are ever in need of their support for suspicious packages, explosives, bomb threat on our campus. Their dog teams and bomb squad personnel were professional, equipped, and proceeded with caution throughout the drill. In all 16 members of the EFP teams coordinated their efforts with our own security guards. We were privileged to observe their safety measures and follow-up afterwards in conversation with them. We are glad for our partnership with the EFP and find confidence and comfort in knowing that they are only a phone call away with trained specialized teams to come to our aid in the time of a serious crisis.

ICS Security Aid in Catching a Thief – 4 April 2017

Yesterday afternoon, the ICS security guards, around the Main Gate, were able to capture and turn over to the local police, a car-mirror thief suspect, who has been active in the ICS community. The suspect was running from the police up the street by our Main Gate. The security guards were all too eager to support the local police and apprehended the suspect, who matched the description of a thief in our neighborhood, as recently as Monday. Thanks to our neighbors, local police and our own ICS security guards for their awareness and efforts on Tuesday!


Deputy Head of School for Operations

Date Posted: 
Thursday, March 23, 2017

Addis Ababa Maps

While we don’t normally promote specific products, I wanted to share this amazing map with you as it is a true benefit for anyone in Addis.  These maps provide restaurant, café, gas station, bus lines, hospitals, landmarks listings and more.  You can purchase these maps for a limited time at the main reception for 100birr

Collaboration with Ethiopian Federal Authorities

In our continued efforts to partner with the Ethiopian Federal Police (EFP), and work together to ensure the safety of our students, staff and families while on campus, we will conduct a special training on Saturday, 1 April in the morning.

Two specialist teams from the EFP will be on campus to work with our security team and accomplished the following:  

  • Bomb squad and the sniffer dog units had a tour to familiarize themselves with our school buildings, campus and security guards.
  • Organized an exercise involving their bomb squad security forces and sniffer dog units for practice and coordination with ICS security

New Airport/Airline restrictions to the US and the UK

As you all may have seen in the news, both the US and the UK have instituted new security rules for travel via some airports. These rules prevent passengers from carrying any electronic devices larger than a cell phone/smartphone (e.g. laptops, tablets, e-readers, media players, cameras, etc.) on flights to the USA or the UK from certain specific airports.

These rules apply even to travelers connecting through these airports. So, if you fly Addis - Dubai - USA, the regulations will apply to you. The rules go into effect by 25 March. There is no time limit given for these new rules.

Here is an article that lists the affected airlines and airports for both countries: HERE

Landfill landslide in the Koshe area in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, claims lives

In light of the recent tragedy not 10 minutes from ICS, for those interested in supporting the Koshe victims, here is a list of ways you can help:

1) Donate clothes, shoes and other items. Bring them to the ICS workshop and our team will make sure they get to those in need.

2) You can donate money to Project Pencil Case. Arabella Stewart with (Project Pencil Case), a registered UK NGO, is also collecting donations especially for the kids. A link can be found HERE 

3) You can make a direct cash donation to any Commercial Bank into the account: 1000199240971, set up by the city administration of Addis Ababa to help the victims.

Safety & Health Blog

As a reminder, we have a Safety & Healthy blog that is updated with any new health, safety or security information or alerts that might affect our ICS Community.  Be sure to visit the page periodically.  You can access the blog with the link HERE.

I hope you all have a great weekend,

Dr. George Zickefoose

Deputy Head of School for Operations

Deputy Head of School for Operations

Date Posted: 
Thursday, November 10, 2016

Deputy Head of School for Operations, George L. Zickefoose, Ed.D.

Traffic Update around ICS

You may have noticed an increase in the traffic congestion around ICS that is slowing everybody down between 7:45– 9:30 AM. We have informed the local and sub-city police of this problem and requested their assistance. We are using our own guards and EFP soldiers as much as possible. Some drivers simply ignore us, unfortunately. We advise you to leave a little early to avoid the traffic. Thank you for your understanding!

Weekend Sign-In Process to Access the Campus

Please be reminded that our security guards will ask you to sign-in over the weekend to access our campus. We need to know who is on our campus during the weekend for the safety and security of all who visit on the weekend. All elementary and middle school students must be signed in and accompanied by a parent or guardian to gain campus access over the weekend, or be involved in a school-sponsored/supervised activity (team sport, etc.). High school students may sign-in and remain on campus without parent or guardian supervision. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of this safety and security measure, even if it may cause you to wait for a few minutes to sign-in.

Emergency Drill Updates/Announcements

The Earthquake Drill on 27 October 2016 at 10:30 AM lasted about one minute. The point of our practicing the drill was to go through the motions of getting under protection or away from buildings if one was outside as if during an earthquake. The length of time was short (about 1 min.) to practice the “shaking of buildings” for a brief period of time.

Internal Event/Evacuation Drill - Immediately following the Earthquake drill the Internal Event alarm (beep, beep, beep) indicating an Evacuation Drill that people are to evacuate their rooms and walk to the assembly area for a head count. That process was smooth and only took about 10 min. to complete the attendance and to verify everybody’s whereabouts. US Embassy Patrol reached ICS in 2 minutes. The Ethiopian Federal police were on alert.

15 November 2016 at 2:00 PM we will conduct an announced Lockdown Drill on our campus. If you happen to be on campus, please follow the directions of the employees and security guards in communication with you for your own safety and protection. The directions will be to “Take Cover in the Nearest Lockable Room. Once there, to lock the door, remain silent, put your phones on silence, stay out of sight, close blinds and get behind or underneath furniture (away from windows or doors).

Parents and visitors must remain on the campus during a drill and participate with the same expectations we have of our students and employees – listen to the alarm/announcement and move quickly and quietly to the assembly area that matches each drill and wait for further directions.

Construction Projects Update

Sports Pavilion – the foundation footings are going in and the columns are going up. The flooring decisions are being finalized and materials are being ordered. We are on schedule to finish by March 2017.

New Classroom Block (NCB) – the NCB is progressing and is on schedule to be finished by April/May 2017. The stairway between the existing MS/HS building is being constructed. The finish work is in full swing. Rock walls are being clad. Tile flooring is being laid. The assembly space lighting, sound and AV equipment is being finalized and will be ordered soon, resulting in an indoor intimate performance space.

Community Commons – The ribbon cutting ceremony is over and it is ready for use! The wireless AP and power outlets are working. The tables and chairs are in place. A thatched roof will be added in the near future to add some soundproofing during the rainy season and temperature control to cool that great space.  Parents, this is your “go-to space”…thanks to a partnership between the PTA and school leadership, initially, to create a community space. This weekend there will be a track meet that takes advantage of it. Enjoy!

News this week

Date Posted: 
Thursday, August 11, 2016

Deputy Head of School for Operations, George L. Zickefoose

Sports Pavilion Update

Coming soon to ICS Addis will be a new Sports Pavilion that will provide much-needed PE, ASAs and sports program space! Get ready for a structure that will cover four basketball courts with lines for four volleyball courts, four tennis courts, and eight badminton courts as well. When it’s finished, the facility will make more spaces available to our ICS community during the rainy season, at night and weekends.

You may be wondering about the former tennis courts and your access to them this year. “When will they be open? When can I work on my backhand again?” In essence that space will not be available first semester. We anticipate opening it for PE classes and other uses by the end of January 2017.

The construction fence is going up. The trees are coming down. Permanent cement steps will be installed outside of the structure and facing the track for spectators to sit on during upper field events. A ramp will be installed that will allow movement of large and heavy equipment in and out of the pavilion to maximize its use. The contractor is Elmi Olindo. The project management and design team is ZIAS. Take a look at the designs!


Community Commons Update

On June 10, 2016, a construction team began in earnest to add a 300 cubic meter water tank to our campus, thus replacing 21 cubic meter tank in the ground. It will add to the 27 cubic meter water tower providing enough water for the New Classroom Block (NCB) and the fire suppression system for the NCB. The Community Commons and white storage structure had to be dismantled, and the old water tank removed. With the new water tank nearly finished, the contractor will reconstruct a new purpose-built Community Commons and purpose-built structure for storage and service, in about 2 month’s time! Thank you for your patience.

Elmi Olindo is the contractor, RAAS Architect is the designer of the new Community Commons, and ZIAS is the project management team. The new and improved Community Commons will provide larger, uninterrupted covered space for multiple events in the future, parents during the day, Farmer’s Market, students and families at hosted tournaments, and more! It will be a nice addition for our community and for all the event set-ups it will accommodate. Take a look at the designs!