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Athletics and Activities News

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mick Cooper, Athletics and Activities Director


Week 9


This, believe it or not, is the penultimate week of Season 1 ASAs. Next week, week 9, will be the final session before we have a small break to finalize and confirm all Season 2 offerings. Season 2 will begin 28 November and in elementary school the new brochure will be coming home Friday 11 November, for the 15 November sign up.


The hallways in high school will seem quiet this week as 45 of our outstanding athletes travel and participate in ISSEA Track, Field and Cross Country (Uganda) and ISSEA Volleyball (South Africa). We wish them luck in their quest for glory and we know they will represent us well, regardless of final positioning.

On the home front we have the following games to enjoy and we hope to see many of you at these games supporting and enjoying live sports:

Thursday 27 October

The U14 ‘76’ Basketball team take on St. Joseph in the Gym

The G8 U14 Boys Basketball Team take on Andinet on the top court

Friday 28 October

U16 Boys Volleyball vs Italian

Saturday 29 October

U16 Boys Volleyball @ Bingham

U12 Girls Soccer @ Bingham

U12 Boys Soccer @ St. Joseph

Monday 31 October

‘76’ Boys Basketball vs Andinet in the gym

G8 Boys Basketball @ Sandford

Tuesday 1 November

U19 Girls Volleyball vs Andinet in the Gym

U16 Boys Volleyball vs St. Joseph on the top court

International Trips

The trip to France with students totally immersed into a host home and school was an outstanding success for our students. Many thanks to the chaperons Monsieur Goliad and Madame Aida for this fantastic opportunity. As our autumn trips come to an end, it is also time to think about the January and February opportunities and a good time to make sure middle and high school students passports are renewed if they are expiring within the next 6 months, should these students choose or be chosen onto these trips. Trips coming up include Basketball to Tanzania, Rugby to Zambia, Band and Choir to South Africa and Drama/ Visual Arts to Zimbabwe. Though it may seem a long way off too, the ski trip in Spring break also needs planning and budgeting for in these next two months. There are certainly great opportunities on the horizon and these trips always become a highlight of the school year.

Have a great week.