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Athletics and Activities News

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Athletics and Activities Director, Mick Cooper


Week 1, of Season 1 began this week and the sun was out to make the transition to and from ASAs so much easier. Students were enthusiastic and happy to be in their ASAs and though they were a couple of minor hiccups, the week has gone well. If your child is on a waiting list, we do need to wait until after the second session has elapsed before we know for sure if there is space available in that ASA, due to no-shows before we add any more students to it, so please be patient if this is the case for your child.

The 4:30 PM pickup has gone reasonably well, though some students are being left behind past the pickup time. Please ensure someone from your household promptly pick up your child at 4:30 PM in the loop area on those days their have ASAs. I'm sure for this week it maybe a case of forgetfulness as we just started with our ASAs but to ensure student safety, our students will need to be collected promptly for every session. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

MS and HS have also met for the first sessions this week and things have started really well in those ASAs too.


U12 girls’ soccer were able to take advantage of the improved weather and were the first students to be on the field this year! We are seeing good numbers and a sense of relief with the players being able to kick a ball again! U12 Cross Country too have met for the first time and had some orientation to the course and activity. Please remember that U12 Cross Country meets Saturdays too from 9:45 – 10:45 AM and that starts this weekend. 

U12 boys’ soccer will meet today (Thursday) and they too will enjoy a Saturday morning practice from 10:00 – 11:30 AM from now on.

U14 Basketball teams have been on a roll and have enjoyed a great week on the three different courts this week, which has allowed quality instruction and productive learning for all players. They will have about another 3 weeks before their first league games and seem to be doing really well under the guidance of our coaches so far.

U16 and U19 volleyball teams are well into the practice habits of early morning, Saturday mornings and afternoon practice. They too will have league matches soon at ICS and away at our league member schools as they too will return to school this week or next.

Track and Field teams have dealt with the bad weather in their usual gritty way. The U19 travel team to Uganda is announced this week and the U16's and U14's too start their seasons in the quest of defending the ISSAAA banners in the 3 day meet, held here at ICS in November.

International Trips

Over 75 students will be traveling in the next few weeks to five different locations in this region or Europe. If your child is one of those lucky ones, please keep in close touch with Head Coaches, Trip Leaders or the ASA office as to deadlines, requirements or meetings. Trips are complicated and with so many students involved, individual parents need to follow these to ensure everything that is needed for these trips (which can be very complicated for some families) is done.

The trips for Track to Uganda and volleyball to South Africa, for example, are immediately after the October break so if a family is traveling outside Ethiopia during this school break, any visas needed for the school trips will have to have been obtained and be in hand prior to that personal trip. It can be complicated but it can be managed. The school trips are an incredible experiences and we don't want anyone to miss these opportunities.


Please avoid all track use 3:30 – 5:10 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as we have many students involved in Track, Cross Country and ASAs using that space and they have to be able to run/work out without community members on the track. The track is also reserved for student use only Saturday mornings from 8:00 – 10:45 AM. Community members are also reminded that no wheeled equipment may be used on the track or top basketball courts. This is clearly indicated on signs, but recently users on bikes, strollers and skates have been asked to move to the side court where these type of activities are permitted.  Thank you for supporting this and safe guarding our users and facilities.

The sun is coming out after a dreary and wet August! September is sure to be filled with much fun, activity and excitement no doubt in the many activities on offer. 

Have a great week.