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Athletics and Activities News

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Athletics and Activities Director, Mick Cooper

Athletic News

It was a great first week for U19 and U16 sports in both volleyball and Track. Our young athletes started with a bang regardless of the weather. They've had fabulous attitudes and demonstrated great efforts while carrying out their sports activities whether indoors (gym) or outdoors. The groundwork is currently being prepared as the teams start taking shape for the season.

Fortunately, the first season is advantageous for our athletes as our local schools (competitors) have not yet started school and this will give a chance for our teams to get themselves well organized and be ready for the ISSAAA leagues and other friendly competitions.

It's good to see so many new students getting involved in these sports and their participation will certainly help with a quick transition to ICS; they are very welcome.

U16 track and field will officially start this Saturday, though many of this group have already been inspired by the Olympics and are at practice this week!

U14 Basketball will tip off next Monday and Thursday, while U12 Soccer and Cross country will open 29 August for most players (U12 boys 1 September)

U14 Cross Country will commence 5 September.

Please make sure your child/ren are officially registered online on the school website for sports teams, and the athlete code of conduct should be signed by a parent, the athlete and the form to be returned to the ASA office before the end of the second week of the first season. These forms can be obtained outside the ASA office and to be an ‘official’ ICS team member, these forms need to be turned in to the ASA office.

International Trips

Trip packets have gone out for MUN, South Africa this week and the deadline for payment and to turn in all the necessary documents is next Monday. Some of our trip destinations have complicated process and procedures/protocols and I cannot stress enough to parents that these trips require advance preparations and extra work. The application process for some countries will take time, with multiple visits to embassies to ensure entry is permitted including when traveling to South Africa. Parents need to be fully involved and ready with the necessary paperwork notarized and produced. The French and Spanish trip packets will be going out next week and to those interested in grades 6-12, both trips can  be complicated in terms of travel arrangements for certain nationalities also, so again, please give yourselves enough time for these demands. Rounding up the quarterly trips are the U19 Volleyball trip to South Africa and the U19 Track and Field Team to Uganda.

Travel around the region or globe is becoming tougher and while we hope that all those selected to go on these trips do make it, it will only happen with timely parent involvement. Please follow the time lines and please check your documents and needs as each family will have different circumstances and needs for these trips in order to travel.


This week in elementary school, the ASA brochure has gone home so that over the weekend, parents can spend time with their child/ren and decide on appropriate choices to be made next week. The booklet is also available to view on the school website. Please go through the options, Q and A, and the registration/sign up process is also explained to help you get ready for the season 1 online registration which will be open on Tuesday, 23 August at 2:45 PM. The first season is usually popular and in some cases, you may not always get your first choice. Please have back-ups ready just in case this occurs. This year, we do not have the capability to help individuals with the process at school so your device should be ready at home, work or on campus.

Middle school students will select their activities during Wednesday advisory and high school students will be expected to log on and register using their own time from Wednesday as well.


The fields are still wet and muddy so please keep off the grounds so the fields dry out. The PE team and ASA departments share your frustration during this time but it may still be a good few weeks before recreational play is allowed with the downpours we are still receiving. Taking care of them now will allow them to be in great condition for the rest of the year though and the sun was out this week, so that's a good sign!

The Olympics have been magnificent this last fortnight. Ethiopia has done well, medal wise with these athletes showing great courage and excellence on the track, pool or road. I hope you have had the opportunity to see some of the amazing events that prompts such emotion, national identity and pride. It certainly has been the talk of the corridors and is a timely inspiration to our athletes, young and old, new or experienced of what to strive for personally and collectively through participation in sports or activities.

Have a great week!