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Athletics and Activities News

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Activites & Athletics Director, Mick Cooper

International Trips

Our ISSEA students returned from Zimbabwe (Drama/Art) and South Africa (Band/Choir) after 5 wonderful days in workshops, rehearsals and public performances. These students were a credit to our community and totally immersed themselves into their conferences. I was fortunate to attend the band and choir in Johannesburg and it was an incredible experience to hear a full orchestra and listen to some wonderful singing. 

All travelers should return their loaned travel bags back to the ASA office please this week.

The final round of trips will be shortly after spring break. Trip packets are going out this week for our golf legends, tennis stars and STEM visionaries. All documents, visa applications and monies will need to be paid on the first day back after break (March 20) as we realize many families will be traveling during it. This deadline does make the trips a bit tight, so we just cannot be flexible with this deadline and will need paperwork to be ready to go to the embassies, and in particular the STEM trip to Mozambique. 


We will celebrate season 2 achievements next Wednesday at Sports Awards Night which begins at 5:00 – 7:00 PM. An official invite has gone out to U14 Soccer and U16/U19 Basketball and Rugby Team players. Parents are most welcome to attend this feel good event and please bring a food dish to share and enjoy the season overview, a slide show and individual awards in sport specific breakout sessions.

Season 3 has begun with great numbers and enthusiasm. We will be hosting plenty of games in the next few weeks and parents and the whole community are invited to attend the games and support our student athletes in their matches.

Season 3 upcoming games:


U19 Boys Soccer vs Greek


U16 Girls Soccer vs Greek 9:00 AM


U16 Girls Soccer vs Bingham

U19 Boys Soccer @ Andinet


U14 Girls Volleyball vs Italian

U14 Boys Volleyball @ St Joseph

Friday (last day before Spring Break)

U19 Girls Soccer vs Bingham 4:00 PM

U19 Boys Soccer vs Bingham 5:30 PM

U16 Boys Soccer @ Bingham

ISSEA Soccer countdown has begun. 154 athletes from the other seven International Schools will descend on Addis, 19 – 23 April to compete in Boy's and Girls’ Soccer. These players will be hosted by our school community and so we need your help please in making this happen. On all of the trips we travel to we are hosted graciously and lavishly by the host school and so now it’s our turn to reciprocate that warmth. All students who have traveled on a school trip this year are expected to assist in this, though this is open to any ICS family who can provide a bed, some meals and transport to campus and back during that time. The link below for you to input your details has ISSEA rules and expectations of hosts and guests to make it easier to understand how hosting works but the countdown is now on. 

We look forward to hosting this terrific athletic event and hosting athletes involved in it is also a wonderful way to be a part of the event

154 to go--where will this number be next week!

Please click on the link: ISSEA Host Form


A number of MS/HS community projects are year round and continue through this S2/S3 interim period. However, the Season 3 ES ASA brochure is ready and will be going home with students this Friday. Sign up for Season 3 which begins March 27th will be next Tuesday, 7 March at 2:45 PM. Please go through the brochure with your child, read the Q&A and check the process carefully before this date and time so that next Tuesday, the process runs smoothly for you. 

Sign up for MS and HS will be after the break.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Sports night Wednesday and to seeing our host bed number be dramatically reduced this week too!

Have a good week and enjoy the new month!