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Athletics and Activities News

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Athletics and Activities Director, Mick Cooper


With 32 student athletes and 6 coaches out of the country on International Sports duty, the local season is on hold until next week after a really busy and crucial sports week just gone. In the next week there will be numerous play-off elimination games to decide where the banners are going and your support at these games is very welcome.

Just the one soccer game this week to support, but our U12's are very much in action Saturday.


U14 Girls soccer vs Bingham 


U12 Boys Volleyball @ Bingham

The bus will depart at 7.40 so please assemble near the locker room at 7.30am. The boy's will play several games against 3 other schools and should be back around 12.30.

U12 Girls Volleyball Festival @ ICS

Our girls will play against Bingham and Greek school teams here. First match starts at 8.00 so please be here in plenty of time to make that first serve. The festival will end at 11.00am. U12 games are totally inclusive and no medals, trophies or placings are announced or awarded. We want all students to participate to the best of their ability without that competitive pressure that U14, U16 and certainly U19 have in their matches. I am also delighted that these games are officiated by our older student athletes who are modeling the ICS way and also experiencing the other side of the game. Many of these student officials our younger players may have seen playing at JV or Varsity level in the same sport so this is a win-win for everyone involved and a real positive aspect here at ICS. Thank you Faru, Grace, Hana, Dorcas, Jin and Candace for your passion, time and support.


U14 Soccer semi-finals day! Venues to be announced so please check the whiteboard outside the gym for updates information.


U16 and U19 Basketball semi-finals day! Again, please check the whiteboard for the venue's

No rugby this week due to the ISSEA trip


Another full week to look forward this week and next. Season 2 ASA will end Friday 24 February.

International Trips

ISSEA rugby and basketball arrive back Sunday evening. Please track their flights in order to anticipate their arrival at ICS. Students on these trips are expected in school Monday morning. 

A combination of the AU conference and a very slow visa process meant we only got visa's less than 18 hours before one of these trips this week. As an institution, this is not good practice with flights to be paid, host schools needing reliable numbers and logistics here and there needing to be finalized. Some of this, we need to do better, as there were a number of families handing in late documents which has a snowball effect to the rest. In the future, we will not delay the visa application process, which with so many traveler's and with so many different nationalities is a delayed process already and so we will not be waiting on students who are handing in paperwork later than the date stipulated. Families will then have to process the application by themselves, which without school support will be a problematic process and it certainly could result in non-travel.

Please keep track of upcoming trips and deadlines and check that documents are not expiring soon at the same time in order for all trips to function effectively.

February is here. We can look forward to some great days this month as Season 2 comes to an end and Season 3 in some age groups, begins.