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Athletics and Activities News

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Activites & Athletics News, Mick Cooper, Athletics and Activities Director


It was awesome to have a full program in activities this week. I am sure your children were pleased to get back in the groove and have that additional time to move, create or perform.

Next week too, will be a full Activity week.


If you haven't been able to watch some live sport lately, it doesn't get better than at ICS on game days. This last week alone saw wins and losses by one point in basketball matches, high scoring soccer matches, while our youngest student athletes were able to showcase their volleyball skills in a semi-competitive arena also.

Games continue this week and next, though 3 of our Varsity Teams will be traveling for their international tournaments next Wednesday too.


U14 Boys Soccer vs Greek


U19 Girls Basketball @ Andinet

U19 Boys Basketball @ Greek

U16 Boys Basketball vs Andinet (top court)

U16 Girls Basketball vs Greek in the gym


U14 Girls soccer vs Greek @ 10.30


U19 Girls Basketball vs Sports Academy@ 11.30

U19 Boys Basketball vs Sports Academy@ 12.30


U14 Girls Soccer vs Sandford


U16 Girls Basketball vs Sandford (top court)

U16 Boys Basketball @ Greek

U19 Girls Basketball vs Andinet in the gym

34 of our student athletes and 6 Faculty will be attending ISSEA competition in Zambia (rugby) and Tanzania (basketball) next week. Please wish them luck as they take on the other regional schools in their own Africa Cup of Nations!

International Trips

AMIS Students came back from Dubai after an outstanding choir trip that featured them flash mobbing some tunes outside the Ski Dubai entrance!! Obviously this was an amazing experience as was the final concert in front of a huge audience on Saturday.

Two trips go out next Wednesday, Please ensure all documents are in the ASA office now for those. Rosters too, have been finalized for ISSEA Band/Choir (Johannesburg) and ISSEA Art/Drama (Harare) later in February. We have had some students scrambling for yellow fever cards, up to date local ID's and expiring passports and a couple of students too this week have missed deadlines which in turn, has meant parents have had to process visa's by themselves at embassies. I urge once again, all parents who have children traveling in school trips up to the end of the school year, to locate and confirm that travel documents are valid and that trip deadlines are known and adhered too. We do not want any ICS student to miss out on these wonderful opportunities that these trips provide.

Unfortunately, but due to low numbers, the spring break ski trip to Switzerland has been canceled. If you have documents that need returning, please call by the ASA office to pick them up.

Have a good week and we hope to see you at some games soon.