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Athletics and Activities News

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Department News

Activites & Athletics News, Mick Cooper, Athletics and Activities Director

Happy New Year to everyone and I wish you and your family a healthy, active and fun 2017


Season 2 is well under way and there will be many games in January to enjoy, starting this week, and continuing throughout the month:

Thursday-U14 Girls Soccer vs German

Friday- U19 Girls Basketball vs Bingham at 4.00

Friday -U19 Boys Basketball vs Bingham at 5.30

Saturday-U19 Girls Basketball vs Addis University 11.00

Saturday-U14 Boys Soccer vs Bingham at 9.00

Monday-U12 Girls Volleyball vs Bingham

Monday-U12 Boys Volleyball @ Bingham (expect a 6-6.30 return. US embassy bus riders will need to find alternative transport home)

Monday-U14 Boys Soccer @ Sandford (expect a 6.30 return)

Monday-U14 Girls Soccer vs German

Tuesday-U16 Girls Basketball @ Bingham

Tuesday-U19 Boys Basketball vs St Joseph

This Saturday sees Rugby moving to 11:00 AM-1:00 PM time slot to accommodate the Soccer match

Good luck Eagles and let’s see big crowds supporting our student athletes’ kick, dribble or spike!


Next week sees ASA's resume as normal, although do remember Thursday and Friday are school holidays and there will be no school or ASA on both of those days.

G1& 2 ASA soccer resumes this Saturday at 8.30

G3 ASA soccer resumes this Saturday at 10:00

International Trips

Next week sees 6 of our best MS singers travel to Dubai to perform in AMIS choir. It promises to be a great trip.

Lots of deadlines this week also. Thank you to those parents who adhered to these trip deadlines but for those who are still missing documents and paperwork for Basketball and Rugby trips please expedite the process as Embassies need to issue visa's which as a group can take some time and the delay does hold the whole group back.

Trip packets went out this week too for Drama/Art and Band/Choir trips and the deadline for the many documents it takes for school International trip travel is next Wednesday. I am sure now that everyone is back in the routine of school this will be no problem. Holiday's, school or national do impose more pressure on the visa process so keeping track and adhering to the dates we publish are really important to ensure no student is left behind!

This week saw the 100 day countdown to ICS hosting ISSEA soccer. There will be much more information as that number goes down in the weeks to come, but we will be needing a lot of assistance from the community in hosting the 154 guests from around the region. Please do make a note in your calendars for April 19th when this festival will begin for 5 days. It will be a brilliant week to be involved in be it as an athlete, host or helper.

Have a great week. It’s good to be back!