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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Department News

Athletics News, Mick Cooper, Athletics and Activities Director

Our Middle and High School Athletes of the Year wish you a great summer vacation!

Athletics and Activities--The year in numbers!! 

  • 177 students traveled on 15 international trips around the region

  • 578 students played on one of the 42 ICS school sports teams this year (two and three season athletes are included in these numbers) 

  • 57 Faculty members were involved in coaching an ICS sports team

  • 1944 students were involved in CAS or after school activities (many 3 season or year round participants of course) with every faculty member involved throughout.


It truly was a great year which is represented by these numbers, but of course it was more so in what was achieved and the benefits and memories made in them all.


Thank you for making it so amazing and farewell to those leaving us. We will miss you but please remember....

........Once an Eagle....Always an Eagle


Returning Families--Have a brilliant summer and see you ready to make next year even better than this one!