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Thursday, September 29, 2016


This is a reminder that an ICS ID will be required to gain access to the campus beginning 3 October.   From 3 October, Security will enforce strict ID checks of parents, staff, household/family employees and visitors.  Please be sure to have an ICS ID badge at all times while on the ICS Campus.

If you or your household staff do not have an ICS ID badge, please go to the main reception for an ID application.


United We Dance

This exciting and one of a kind dance project aims to use the power of performance art to raise the issues of unity, love and peace for Africa and the world at large. Created by Saron Mechale, an ICS Alumni, in partnership with Temesgen’s Cultural Group (TCG), United We Dance is a pantomime show that consists of theater, Ethiopian Traditional dancing and other African tribal dances.  

Temesgen’s Cultural Group (a.k.a. Yetenesgen Lijoch) was created 9 years ago to help keep low-income youth of Addis Ababa off the streets and use the discipline of dance training to empower their capacity and realize their potential for a brighter future.  TCG is the oldest cultural dance company in Ethiopia.  It teaches young children Ethiopian cultural dancing as a way to understand and appreciate their culture and identity.

ONE SHOW ONLY – Come out and see the performance:    

When: Friday 30 September

Time: 7:00- 8:30PM

Where: ICS Ampitheater


Tickets on sale with Ato Sisay Zewde and Ms Jo King and at the door the day of the performance.

Tickets are 100 birr each and directly support the dancers and funding for Temesgen’s Cultural Group.


5th Annual Caner Run/Walk  in the Spirit of Terry Fox

This Saturday1 October 8:30 - 10:30 AM, ICS will host the 5th annual run / walk for cancer in the Spirit of Terry Fox.  Terry Fox was a young Canadian who lost a leg to cancer, but decided to try to run across Canada in the early 1980s to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.  With a prosthetic leg, he ran 5,373km across a large portion of Canada before the disease forced him to stop and eventually claimed his life.  Annually, across Canada and around the world, people take up his cause and run to raise funds and awareness for cancer treatment and research.  All participants are asked to make a generous donation with all proceeds going to support treatment for children in Ethiopia with cancer through the Mathiwos Wondu YeEthiopia Cancer Society.  






First Aid Course for Household staff – Given by the Nordic Medical Center

2 spots left –register today.

ICS has teamed up with the Nordic Medical Centre to offer First Aid training to ICS families. We have two training session scheduled for October –one in Amharic for household staff and one in English for parents.

Saturday 1 October will be first aid training in Amharic and is aimed at households staff, such as nannies and drivers.  The comprehensive training is limited to 16 participants and takes 5 hours (8:00 AM –  1:00 PM with a coffee break). Course participants will be sent home with a First Aid certificate along with a small booklet detailing the First Aid topics covered in the session.

The First Aid training will be delivered by our critical care nurses Pippa and Aster, both are also qualified First Aid trainers.


  • CPR
  • The unconscious patient and recovery position
  • Foreign body in the throat
  • Acute cardiovascular disease (Myocardial infarction and stroke)
  • Wounds, bleeding

The course includes practical hands-on training and highlights circumstances unique to the Ethiopian context.  


WHEN: Amharic course: Saturday 1 October, 8:00 AM– 1:00 PM.

WHERE: ICS, Upper Commons.

COURSE COST: 1,000 ETB per person (payable on the day).

OTHER: Please make sure to wear comfortable clothing, as participants will be expected to participate in practical assessments.

TO REGISTER: email Therese Mason