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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Important Notices for All Parents      


E-PADS towel collection drive!

E-pads is a group of girls who are making sanitary napkins for schoolgirls in Addis. Ethiopian schoolgirls miss up to a quarter of their school year because they stay at home during their periods due to a lack of sanitary pads. Our goal is to provide them with pads so they can stay in school and get more out of their education. To do this, though, we need materials, some of these being towels, flannel, cotton, and plastic milk-bags. Since we don't have enough materials to donate ourselves, we would like to put an announcement in the Yezare Samint so we can get the help of the ICS community. Here is what the announcement would look like:

"Empowerment for girls:

Hello ICS community! E-pads is organizing a recyclable fabric drive to collect materials to make sanitary pads that will be donated to schoolgirls in Addis. The e-pads group are students who make reusable pads for underprivileged Ethiopian girls to make the best of their education. We would appreciate your donation of towels, flannel, cotton, and plastic milk-bags. These are the materials that we require to make the sanitary pads, so please deposit them in the reception. We will take donations until June 12th. Thank you very much for your help!"

Thank you for helping us raise awareness for our project, it means a lot to us.