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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Important Notices for All Parents

Reminder: Note from ICS Security Office

Private Family/Household Staff need to have an Ethiopian Police Background check in order to receive an ICS Badge allowing them on campus.  Please click HERE for the full process. 

The Police will be on campus on Saturdays (20 and 27 August) to process background checks or you can have your house hold staff processed at the Police Forensics Office, near the Immigration Office, opposite the entrance to the Black Lion Hospital.  Family/Household staff must sign up by Thursday to be processed on Saturday.

If your staff member has already registered for this Saturday 20 August, be sure they bring the completed green application from ICS reception, the completed police clearance letter, a current ID and two passport photos (1 for clearance, 1 photo ICS ID badge).

ICS Vehicle Sticker

Be sure to register your car and collect an ICS Vehicle Sticker for parking in the main parking lot and surrounding school areas.  You can register and collect your sticker with security at the main gate.

Reminder: Notice from the Business Office

The tuition and fee bills for first semester was sent home with students on 10 August 2016, please check in your youngest child’s school bag. We’ve also sent an electronic copy of the billing statements for parents who’ve requested to receive the billing information via email. If you did not receive the billing statement, please feel free to contact the ICS Business Office ( and a copy will be provided. Please be informed that payment for the entire First semester tuition and fees must be paid by 26 August 2016.

If you already have paid the fees mentioned above, please kindly disregard this memo. However, we kindly request your assistance in providing proof of payment so that we can allocate the unidentified deposits with the proper charges.

Fee Based - Primary Language Program

For full details of the program, click HERE.

To register for the Primary Language Program, click HERE.

ICS Booster Club News

Due to the weather and the construction in the Community Commons area, there will be NO Farmer's Markets until September 2016.  The first Farmer's Market will be Friday 9 September.