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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Important Notices for All Parents

Board of Governors

We are a nine-member Board that focuses on the future well-being of ICS and its programs, leaving the daily management to the Head of School and his staff. We wanted to introduce ourselves and give you an overview of what the ICS Board of Governors is all about.  Please see the attached Board Newsletter HERE.

Lost and Found

Dear parents/guardians: Please take some time to visit the gymnasium entrance from 14 -16 December and collect your child’s belongings. Unclaimed items will be donated during the winter break.

Thank you for your usual support.

Parent Community Link

Looking to get involved and support ICS?  Then register with the Parent Community Link (PCL)!

The PCL will match parents who want to get involved with a variety of opportunities throughout the year.

With the PCL, parents can volunteer their time and talents in a variety of ways without having to make year-long commitments. Parents can be involved in ways and at times that fit their schedules and level of interest. Whether you want to be planning regular events for the parent community or only have time for one hour at a major event on a weekend, the PCL will be your link to the school for volunteering.

The Parent Community Link’s objectives are to:

  • Provide opportunities for parent involvement such as with the PTA, Booster Club or informally through parent and community events
  • Build relationships with parents and ICS communities
  • Promote collaboration, communication and community involvement
  • Facilitate and support activities and special events to complement the academic program

How the PCL works

The PCL will be managed by the ICS Communications Office. The PCL will create a database of parents who want to be involved, with parameters outlining the dates, times and areas that each person would like to be involved. There will not be any officer positions or on-going executive roles in the PCL.

When an event needs extra support, the PCL will match parents with an event or project based on the interest that parents describe in the database. For larger events that need planning and execution, the PLC will go to the database and find parents that have indicated they would be interested in this level of commitment.

Take the Parent Interest Survey

We are very excited about the PCL. We encourage all parents to take the survey and register. Then, when an opportunity comes up, we will contact you to see if you can be involved.

You can find the survey here:

If you have any questions about the PCL, please email


Security Drills and Training

Over the break, ICS will be conducting an emergency drill with the Ethiopian Federal Police (EFP).  This drill is specifically designed for an internal threat and to practice how ICS Security and the EFP will work together and coordinate actions in the event of a real situation.  This is a regular part of our ongoing relationship with the EFP.

Additionally, ICS Security will be conducting a fire-fighting training session with our cafeteria catering company, Addis International.  This is also a regular part of our safety and security program, ensuring we are well trained to keep our students and staff safe.