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Africa Clockwise Visits ICS Addis

Monday, May 21, 2018

Middle school had a fantastic and insightful time with Mark Sampson and his family. The family is making a tour around Africa raising awareness about climate change and environmental protection. The Family who has been touring a number of nations in Africa and quite a few in Europe for five years has reached Addis and made a remarkable presentation about their journey and their experience here at ICS. Students had a question and answer time with Mr. Sampson, in which they gained a great deal of information about environmental protection, climate change as well a cleaner and an environmentally friendly way of life.

During the 45 minutes session, which of course included a couple of magic tricks and a huge deal of humor, Mr. Sampson explained why his family decided to travel Africa, clockwise and described challenges and triumphs. He also explained how communication and connection were vital in keeping the environment and the world a cleaner and safer place. Students later had the opportunity to visit the family truck, which runs on used vegetable oil, and had a personalized chat with the family to get more experience and inspiration. The family’s visit was a very timely visit especially for grade 5 students who are working on a project on sustainable development and climate change. On his conversation with the children, Mr. Sampson emphasized that even though individual actions may seem insignificant they still matter.

There was a lot to take from the time with The Sampson Family especially on how to reuse, recycle and reduce our impact on the environment and reduce the amount of water we use everyday in simple yet practical ways. Some remarkable tips included how we can use the same water we used to rinse our vegetables before cooking to wash the dishes afterwards and how we can flash the toilet with the water we used to wash our face and feet. Of course when it gets a little stinky because of hot weather we might use diluted bleach to spray the toilet. As the expression goes, said Mr. Sampson, “When it’s yellow let it mellow; when it gets brown push it down.”

Student Reflections from Grades 6 and 7:

I learned that you can make a car run with old vegetable oil and you can live in a car for five years.
I learned that when you are going about your daily life think about what you are doing and see if you can use less and make the world a better place.
I saw that as long as you have the dedication you can make anything happen.
I learned that when you are going about your daily life think about what you are doing and see if you can use less and make the world a better place.
I liked that when Mark talked, he didn't make it boring. He talked to use like we were going to a water park or something. So I found it very interesting how he showed were they had been and what they had done.
Mr. Sampson was very funny, and because of that, he inspired many people. I also liked listening to all the experiences he has had.
It was really informative and interesting. Mr Samson was very funny and inspiring and he has set a great example for everyone.”

The Sampson family website is
You can follow them on their Facebook page at
They also share their experiences from their journey in their Youtube channel