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Activities & Athletics for the Week

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Week 5 continues as normal this week, although there might be some disruption/different locations due to the Track and Field later on Friday. 


An amazing 5 days of ISSEA competition finished Sunday with some incredible performances (individually and team), some outstanding memories and some excellent feedback from the host schools in how ICS students and coaches represented the school.

The 14 STEM team members returned from Lusaka with an overall 2nd place. ICS placed 2nd in the Math/Science part of this competition and a very creditable 3rd in Botball.

Our 8 Tennis players returned from Mozambique with the boys’ team finishing 3rd overall while the girls took 4th place. Leif Lindberg was awarded the bronze medal in the individual men’s tournament while our girls also brought home the fair play award.

Our 4 golf players returned from Johannesburg overall in 3rd place. Zaire Odle was awarded an all-star tournament award as he finished 6th overall. Storm Rothbarth was also awarded a prize for hitting the longest drive in the competition.

22 Soccer players returned from Zimbabwe with our girls’ team managing a 7th place finish and our boys a 5th place. Jonathan Terrefe and Feven Jembere were awarded All Star Tournament player medals.

ICS is hosting ISSAAA Track and Field this week. 3 days of competition will begin Thursday afternoon and continue through to the Saturday afternoon conclusion. All 8 member schools are bringing jumpers, runners and throwers and it promises to be an electric meeting here on the Track and Fields.

Due to this event, all fields, the tennis courts and the track will be unavailable for community use. Please see and observe the time specific posters around these areas in order to avoid disappointment.


Upcoming games

Monday 25 April

U14 Girls Volleyball vs U14 Red Team!

Tuesday 26 April

U16 Boys Soccer vs German

U19 Boys Soccer @ St Joseph

Thursday 28 April

U14 boys Volleyball vs Sandford