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Activities & Athletic News

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Activites & Athletics News, Mick Cooper, Athletics and Activities Director



The ASA program will have a regular week 5 with no disruptions to it, but please do note that the week before October break (Week 6 / 10 Oct) there will be no ASA's or sports on Tuesday-Friday due to Parent-Teacher Conferences and noon dismissal on Friday.



We are heading into the busy stretch of the league season and our student athletes will have more games than practices in the U14/U16/U19 teams at times. Our league schools are all back in session and as we need to complete the season before the ISSAAA track and Field weekend so that Season 2 can kick-off on time there are loads of games coming up.

There will be large number of games hosted at ICS, so please do come along and support our students and watch some great live sport here on campus.

Please remember that at away games, student athletes can only be picked up by parents and that ICS coaches will not release their team players to friends, drivers or nannies.


Thursday 29 September

U14 Girls Basketball vs Andinet

U14 Grade 8 Boys  @ Andinet

U14 Grad 7 Boys @ Bingham


Friday 30 September-Triple Header Friday

U19 Girls vs Andinet at 4.00 in the gym

U19 Boys vs Andinet at 5.00 in the gym

U16 Girls vs Andinet at 4.00 ICS Top Court


Saturday 1 October

U19 Girls Volleyball vs Italian 10.00 Gym

U16 Girls Volleyball vs Italian 10.00 Top Court


Monday 3 October

U14 Boys 76 team vs Sandford Gym


Tuesday 4 October

U19 Boys Volleyball vs Greek-Gym

U16 Girls Volleyball vs Greek-Top Court

U19 Girls Volleyball @ Sandford


Thursday 6 October

U14 Girls Basketball vs Bingham

U14 Boys Grade 8 team @ Greek


U12 Boys Soccer-Please note that this Saturday, practice will be at 11-12.30 due to the Run for Cancer event. There will also be no U12 Boy's soccer or Cross Country on 8 October ,due to the International Day Event.


International Trips

Our MUN team of 5 HS students heads off to Johannesburg next week to debate and solve the worlds problems at a student led conference at AISJ. We wish them safe travels and know they will come back inspired by this experience.



Unfortunately this year, the Meskel celebration has not cleared the clouds away yet and the fields still remain out of bounds for casual use until the rains do cease. Thank you for staying off them while they dry out which we hope for our students benefit is very soon!


Have a good week