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Activities and Athletics News

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Athletics and Activities Director, Mick Cooper


The great weather last week really encouraged a large number of students/athletes/ involved in season one sports. Seeing the campus filled with smiling and hard working athletes is always tremendous to watch and the weather is now playing its part too! All ICS sports have now begun (a few started this week due to a later season finish date) or are well into their season and we await the fixture schedule which will be out very soon so our student athletes can see how well prepared they are in a real match situation.


ASAs are off and running into week 2. The ASA routines are becoming easier to manage and students are obviously actively engaged in multiple ASAs throughout the divisions. Students who are on waiting lists will be informed by the end of this week and if students who are currently enrolled drop out then they can replace them. The ICS faculty has worked with flexibility and creativity behind the scenes these last few weeks and we are now able to offer a couple more ASAs and increase some spots in others to enable more students an opportunity to partake. We are looking at season two logistics already and are optimistic; hiccups that occurred in season one will be avoided, when possible.


Thank you for the support from the majority of the community who are following the need to be off ICS sports facilities when student groups are using them. As we do have a large number of new parents, I just want to reiterate some of the usage rules we do have here in the school to enable our students the best opportunities available be it on the fields, courts or track.

The top or main field is always off limits to the community outside of PE class and school team play. This is one of the best fields in the country but it only remains this way due to its limited use. Please keep off it for any casual use (as the signs do indicate) so we can maintain its outstanding quality and color all year round.

When the lower field becomes available (it’s currently not open as it’s still very marshy in some places). It is available for casual use when it’s not being used by ICS teams on weekends. 

Please avoid any track use between 3:30 – 5:10 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays as we have many students involved in Track, Cross Country and ASAs using that space and they need to be able to practice without community members on the track. The track is also reserved on Saturday mornings from 8:00 - 10:45 AM for ICS Track and Cross Country practice and please avoid using the Track for personal use during practice. Community members are expected to be off the facility at these times and thank you for following this user policy so far with minimal supervision in needing to enforce it.

Thank you for supporting and safe guarding facilities and users too, by not using wheeled equipment on any part of the track or the top basketball court. The only place on ICS campus for wheels is on the side elementary basketball court and though the ramp outside the ASA office may be appealing to our students, it really is too dangerous to be going down this area on blades, scooters or bikes.

International Trips

Our varsity volleyball and Track student athletes have being selected and the deadline for documents and payment is this week. Our office realizes that South Africa is a bit more complicated than other destinations and we are flexible with the notarized documents required at this point due to this. The visa for all track athletes going to Uganda needs to be done individually online and this approval should be printed and brought to our office this week too when it is approved by Uganda. French and Spanish Language trip deadlines were also this week.

Have a great week, enjoy the sunshine and Happy New Year to everyone who is celebrating 2009 (Ethiopian calendar) this weekend.