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Middle School

Welcome to our Middle School!

We provide a premier education to our students by focusing on skills for critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. Each of the content areas in grades 6-8 is staffed with highly qualified, dedicated and creative teachers who believe in reaching the whole child. The growth mindset is central to what we believe and practice everyday as we “grow learners”.

Our classes are relatively small, usually 16 to 20 students, and the instruction takes place during 75 minute block periods so that students have sufficient time to build meaning and understanding.

Technology is an essential tool for learning and communication in the middle school; however, we also enforce screen-free times.

Our classrooms are arranged in ways that encourage and enhance cooperative learning so you will often find groups of students huddled around tables or laptops or stretched out on carpets collaborating in a culture of inquiry and critical thinking.

We believe all students can learn at high levels and we follow a Response to Intervention (RtI) model while incorporating the four key questions of Professional Learning Communities into our conversations about student success.  Additionally, we have an excellent Student Support Department at ICS, ensuring that all of our students thrive and succeed.

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about us. I hope that you enjoy browsing through the links on this page and that the information you find is informative and meaningful.

If you are interested in applying to ICS for middle school with children entering grades six to eight, please visit the ICS Admissions page.

At any time, please feel free to come to speak with us in person, or drop us an email at:

Best regards,

Elizabeth Johnston

MS Principal