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Preliminary IB Course Selection

Preliminary Course Selection 

The purposed of this form is to prepare the schedule, faculty and an individual course of study for students to meet the requirements of the IB and/or ICS Diploma.  Students are encouraged to seek the advice of their parents, teachers, counselor and the IB Coordinator in making their selections.


Pamoja Online Courses

  • Supplemental fees will apply for Pamoja Online Courses: Tentative fees include a $300USD non-refundable registration, plus $2,200 USD tuition-subject to change each year.
  • Other Pamoja Online courses may be available, subject to consultation with academic advisors.

For more information on Pamoja Online Courses, go to the Pamoja Online page.


(first and last name)
(i.e. university, college, technical school, gap year, apprenticeship, etc.)
IB Course Selection
If you selected an elective from group 1, 2, 3, or 4 above, please specify the class.
IB Core Selection